Friday, September 3, 2010

What is Neobux?

What is PTC ?
PTC (Paid To Click) is where you get paid just by clicking (see) the ad, which payment will be sent directly to your account.

What is Neobux? 
Neobux is one of the advertising service site (PTC) that was established in 2008, in which all the "clickers" have recognized that Neobux is the best PTC site in the world today among other PTC sites.Neobux allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad, which will be paid by Neobux member by clicking (see) this ad for a predetermined amount of time (30 seconds). And payment will be credited with a predetermined amount of cash to members on Neobux account.You do not have to pay (free) to become a member Neobux and start earning money. So, LIST NOW and get free money through the site Neobux.

How exactly do I get paid?There are several types of membership which the member would be paid:
Standard Member: 
Per click: $ 0010 (Per referral click: $ 0005)- the standard ads 
Per click: $ 0015 (Per referral click: $ 0010) - an extended ad
Golden Member: 
Per click: $ 0010 (Per referral click: $ 0010)- the standard ads 
Per click: $ 0020 (Per referral click: $ 0020) - an extended ad

Neobux also has a classified advertisement in which the member Neobux will be paid $ 0005 for every click (no commissions from referral clicks).

Minimum Payout:The minimum amount the first payment request is $ 2, the minimum demand for the second payment is $ 3, the third is $ 4 and so on up to $ 10.This means that when the member reaches or exceeds this limit, the member may request payment.

The amount of time to process the payment:INSTANT - This means that after a member asked for payment, the member will receive it in just seconds DIRECT (without waiting for a long time) the money will be sent to the member account in accordance with the type of processor such member account.

So, Come and Join on Neobux
Below is my proof of payment for joining with Neobux (up to date):