Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men Who Confidential Structure of Interest

Countless number of friends who in turn send the question to how many women there are to be attracted to him? My answer is simply: by becoming an attractive man.

Then there is also a friend who did not want to be charming and likable spreader many women, but just want to pick a specific woman he knew. My answer is the same: to be an interesting man.

Women must be attracted to an attractive man. One very simple sentences, but often make a man trapped, especially at the word 'interesting'.

Because according to Wikipedia, "An attraction is an interest, desire in something or someone," most men try to be interesting in a way to meet the desires and needs of women.

Thus was born the various cultures that special treatment of women, such as very caring, diligent praise, become shamans vent, a lot of sacrifice, all jaim, playing romantic and a gentleman, after many years, and so on. Still in the same category that is trying to pull through the provision of facilities, luxury and unique gifts that can not be given by another man.

Honestly, it was a logical idea and good, except that all of the above only works if and only if the woman had previously had a crush on you!

If he was not interested, you showing useless treatments draw on top. In fact, all women gebetan you'll be disgusted and hate you.

You do not believe it?

This is one example of a woman's attitude toward the man who tried to lossy gifts 'ngarep' to seduce a woman just as Valentine's Day yesterday. She was a friend of the alumni who told me that he was troubled by the treatment and upload the pictures below it on Facebook.

The first pictures are the four kinds of gifts Valentine (Valentine greeting cards, album, diary, a CD soundtrack song Valentine's Day, a funny cat dolls) are given the elements lossy man to the woman hero. Then the second and third picture is the end result of the tragedy: cat doll was stabbed with a kitchen knife, broken song CD, CD cover torn, iron spiral drawn from the album diary end up scattered pages.
I hope the pictures above is enough to convince you to stop being such lossy. If you've already distanced himself from the bad strategy, good ...

... but it may mean that you go into the next category, namely some guy who tried to interpret the 'pull' with the other lines: presenting a thousand and one kinds of behavior to touch and inspire the emotions of women.

The main concept behind the above strategy is that psychologically people (and especially women!) Adapted to process, evaluate, and make decisions based on the emotional side. So if all the men vying to act logically, a piece of another man who acted opposite would automatically seem interesting, is not it?

Brief sounds like a more promising strategy than ever before. To be honest it was to be about 5% of the strategies taught in the workshop Hitman System, particularly on the technical discussion A2. But unfortunately the game like it was not able to make you an interesting person.

O faithful reader, please read carefully: mastering A2 does not make you a man attractive, especially Men Glossy! A2 and various other techniques are tools that can be used by man Glossy, but not the way to Glossy route.

I have a close friend who might be called A2-Master. He did happen to like it used to be small since. When invited to attend training, he felt as a recognition for his expertise A2, so he doubled the frequency of the A2 and other techniques to make it look more attractive, charming, seductive, arouse emotions, and so on.

The result? He did have a lot of female friends, but they only think of him as a man The Acting Interesting, exciting and fun. That's it. He can even show off dozens of pictures along with them. It's just that no single woman who feels attracted to undergo a serious relationship.

They were all friendly and happy to spend time with him, but it's hard for him to proceed to the next level. Even some people think it so strange and disturbing!

The first time for introspection. Please briefly on the third glass the following questions according to your experience so far:

* Have you ever experienced a situation like in the example above?

* Do you have a thousand and one magical mechanics should be able to make a woman interested but it's still somewhat rare?

* Do you spend hundreds of hours looking for powerful techniques to become a versatile man attractive and easy to attract women everywhere?

I'm sure you can reflect on the questions above. You also pretty easy to recognize with your friends are doing that. Whenever you think such a person, immediately conveyed this article addresses on account of their Facebook or Twitter. Do not let them drag on there!

In the case of my friend over, it took almost a year for my friend to finally truly understand and stop repeating the mistakes. I do not want you to spend energy and time for it, that's why it is important for you to focus on what you will read below.

The man who pulled a man who is not present or show something interesting. Talking about an interesting man is talking about a man who has an interesting quality, without the need to make a conscious effort to display it.

He has an aura of attractiveness has become a property really felt and real, rather than a series of actions that must be done.

You'll occasionally see at a shopping mall a man who only use tongs sandals, shorts and T-shirts but somehow you could sense he was not a person of low economic level. In appearance, he was classified as 'village', shabby and as stupid as luxury malls around with costumes so.

But, strangely feel that you feel from him is completely different from the action appearance.

That's what I mean by attractiveness owned and real without difficulty displayed. Attractiveness was obliged terhadirkan synergistically in all aspects of your life, aka a holistic, rather than specifically in relation to romance.

According to the study of modern psychological science, everything has a structure that can be broken down and analyzed into parts smaller so easy to learn. And in terms of attractiveness and attraction to reach this, I divide it into steps Attention - Attraction - Attachment.

What do most of the other men around the romance is mengulik (aka focus) on the steps of Attraction. All the practical tips-tricks in the magazines, books, people and advice, including 15% which is available on the web Hitman System included in these rates.

So if you focus on 'what you should do', then you be the one who is always thinking about the next agenda and the next and the next and so on. Though women have super-sensitive radar to detect whether you are really a quality guy attractive or just a man who knows the ways to attract attention.

Remember well this: a man who never tried to attract attention!

Another case that I often find is people are familiar with the techniques and concepts surrounding spectacular save to pick up women instead of doubt in their hearts that they are not entitled to them. They're like a kid with a fancy shell.

Second introspection you must consider:

* Are you focused to wash away the feelings of the women?

* Do you have a number of technical words that could make him not able to stop thinking and go for you?

* Do you know the secret opening to make it willing to leave his girlfriend and her parents against orders by running to your arms?

The answer yes means you only know the many ways to look attractive, aka you have to keep working hard so that she could see these things.

In seconds you stop doing that, forget, or run out of original ideas, you are no longer looked attractive. More severe, the women will realize that you are not personally like what they previously thought.

If you are trying to attract attention by demonstrating the sophistication, power, skill, and a certain excess, you're doing it totally wrong, brothers!

I quote from the Social Psychology Spark Notes, "Women tend to value partners' social status, wealth, and ambition because these are characteristics of attractive successful men." Note that women would never be interested in what you do, but what you have in yourself.

So even if you could just see the results when the experts do-trick tips, the women will only stick for a moment in your life. Try to be honest, how often it happens to you?

They are only interested, but does not stick. Attractiveness of energy is very weak, if you do not pass the previous steps, ie the center of attention of all the interest and attractiveness.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Going through the Rain

Have you ever realized that when you decide
have to pass a test where you PHASE-out?
Phase where you will feel pain, which is very, very
painful? Phase where you feel the resistance of
many people including the people closest to you?

For example, if you decide to become a musician or
want to do business, so when PHASE ON THE WAY THERE
or PHASE PROCESS how to get there you will get
so many negative comments, negative advice, advice to
stop doing what you want coming from
many people including the people closest to you?

They'll say things you do that to risk, road
that you take is a big mistake, you are wasting
waste of time, things you do is go alone,
ga ensure certainty of life, it would not be in it, etc..

But when YOU SUCCEED, they actually PRAISE YOU.

Hmmm ... strange is not it?

Most people fail to reach THEIR DREAM
because during the process, they can not stand
all examinations, tests and insults of many who So Ease
Just LOVE comments.??

and you must BELIEVE that 99% of people out there are

Most stories about the musicians and business-man and the
Scientists and the great people in this world they have
PHASE INSANE own this. They were abused, insulted, shouted, booed and
given "subtle advice" to withdraw from their dreams.

But what are they doing? Are they retreated and
weep for those who dream to live a dream? ... NOT! They trus
pursue their dreams of making their STRATEGY
SUCCESSFUL. Alpha see the story of Thomas Edison, Donald Trumph,
Bill Gates, Colonel Sanders and many-many-many more.??

They are fighters MENTAL.??

What does that mean?

The point is, they fight their own pain
to continue to struggle with the right STRATEGY.

Remember the story of the Wright brothers who had been insulted by nearly
all intelligent people in the world because they have goals
to make people fly? In fact, they become material
derision and got their nickname because they are clowns
hopping using wooden wings in order to
flying ... (you must have never seen the old videos of people who
wear jump wings of wood right? That they are)

Now, who would not know the name airport and

I'll give you to be able THROUGH STRATEGY-test

The strategy is just TWO:




It's easy right?

BIGGEST THING Then what should I sacrifice for
pursue my dream? Only ONE! ..

What's that?


Do not ever feel ashamed for what to DO
you're after, do not feel ashamed of what you REPRESENT
want, never DOWN for small sayings
that hurts your heart?


I give my personal example: At the moment I decided
create a company that provides seminars for
make a BETTER MAN in dealing with
Women, not only was I laughed at and ridiculed, but many
also people who test me by giving INTEGRITY
debate that ultimately wants to prove that I was
people who CAN NOT.

So what do I do?

For those who mock and insult me, I'm pretty
say that I was CLEAR GOAL is to help
the PRIA be BETTER in dealing with WOMEN.
Taunts and insults will not help anyone.
So what's the point? ... In fact, I offer to them
who mock and insult me to actually PARTICIPATE HELP
MY MISSION! ... If they want it good, if not, STOP Mocking.

The funny thing is, they are not aware of his resentment market
them into the crowd ultimately these people
Instead, I KNOW and SUPPORT.??

If they STILL want to argue, it's time to practice
motto "silence is gold" or "silence is golden" and I continue to focus
with what I do.

BREAK THROUGH THE RAIN and BE the MAN that Woman's Love.