Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Fix Laptop problem "Laptop can not Start"

Today article i want to discuss unusual topics.Different from previous article,
Now i want to share with you all about laptop problem.we have received a seriously
problem with our laptop for example :

If your computer does not start or commonly Reboot at all or it starts but does not start properly, it is possible that you can fix at home without bring the laptop to a repair center. Here are some tips for you. I am not sure that I measure everything at once can cover, so I post as other examples come to mind.

Case 1.

The device appears to be dead. Try to connect the AC adapter, but the LED
(Power light, light from the disk, light battery, etc. ...) does not appears and will not light laptop if you do not press the button to reply.

Firstly, in this situation, make sure the power adapter. Measure the voltage with voltmeter if the voltage input meet requirement of spec. If you can not do is known good power adapter and use it to test the laptop. It is possible the laptop appears to be dead because the AC adapter is bad (and the battery is empty). If you know that the AC adapter is working and that the correct output voltage, but the laptop is still dead, you probably have a power problem on the motherboard (or power card on some phones) and should be replaced .
If you replace the AC adapter, make sure you use sound. The output voltage is exactly the same as the original adapter. The output current must be the same as the original card or higher, not lower.

Case 2.

When you turn on the AC adapter and plug the battery lights. When you press the power button on the laptop, but will not start. There is no video on LCD or external monitor.

If the light is on it indicates that the laptop is powered by the AC adapter. There is probably nothing wrong with the adapter, but only if testing with a voltmeter to check voltage output is correct to do so.
Try this. Disconnect the power adapter, remove the battery and wait 1-2 minutes. Then connect the AC adapter later and then try to start the laptop again. Sometimes this trick helps.
In addition, a memory related problem. Then try reinstalling the memory module, simply remove the location on the motherboard and install it back. Try installing the memory in another slot (if available). If you have two memory modules installed, remove them one by one and start the laptop with one memory module is installed.
If the laptop computer is very good with a memory module in both slots, but will not start the second memory module in both slots, the second memory module is defective. You must replace the module and change with the new one.
If the laptop is fine with both memory modules when they are installed in a slot, but do not start with both memory modules installed in slot B, the B-lock is defective and you replace the motherboard or using a single memory slot.

I hope you satisfied with my sharing.........

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Once, a grandfather in Jakarta went to various countries to find happiness. In
an oasis, he saw a sparrow is very beautiful. He managed to catch.
This bird was able to talk. "Grandpa, please let me, later grandfather would meet the demand, "said the bird.

Well, if you can answer that question, you're my release, said the grandfather.
"In Where, when, and how to obtain happiness? "
First, the bird replied, "Do not trust anyone except God Almighty.
Second, do not expect something that you will not be able to get it.
Third, do not regret your past. "
Satisfied, the old man let go of the bird. But, once released, the mocking bird
the old man. "You foolish old man," said the animal. Actually, if grandfather did not let me go, I will give the golden egg. The grandfather was very sorry and
chasing the bird. Animals were then settled on pine tree branch. Grandfather
This curious then tried to grab her and ... he fell and fainted.
When grandfather was recovered, the bird approached. "Basic human being, just a few
minutes I gave instructions for happiness, you've forgotten again. Remember Grandpa, what is I said earlier. Grandpa should not trust anyone but God Almighty! I was just a birds, why Grandpa believe me? "
"Secondly, I was saying do not expect in something that you can not reached.
See result grandfather fell and fainted. "
Third, the bird continued, "do not regret the past. Why Grandpa sorry? Is not
what my grandfather did, that is my release, had happened? "
As he flew up into the bird was claimed angelic messenger of God Almighty to
give lessons to mankind. Hopefully, we are not stupid grandfather
We regret the past.


The sense of humor is the ability to capture the existence of something funny from an event. The easier one to catch funny things the higher sense of humor. The process is not simple sense of humor. At first your mind trying to capture the funny side, so you think there is something intriguing in a scene. Then your feelings automatically respond with a sense of delight and your body responds with a laugh. Taken together, the body, feelings and thoughts you respond to the incident funny.

Laughing is just one form of physiological expression of a sense of humor. You can feel the humor without laughter. Could be, you only have a small smile as she felt the humor. Usually the hell people think that the more laughter, the more sense of humor that one has. Is true. You can not laugh if you do not have the humor, not!

People who have a sense of humor must be intelligent. There's no way they were stupid. When faced with an event, they can see it from many different sides. It needs its own intelligence. The more quickly and easily find the funny side of an event, so she got smart. Proverb that says "who laughs last, thinks slowest" or "who the last laugh is the most stupid" is true. It was easy to find someone smart or not. Just Look at everyone who was gathering together to tell jokes. If there are confused scratching your head does not understand the expression pairs, whereas the others were laughing, it was certainly the most lazy brain.

Guess the answer to the following joke question, "Why the earth is always spinning around the sun?"

You know that the questions above are questions to be funny-persiflage. So, you have to give unusual answers and funny as possible. But if you can not think of any other answer except for gravity of the sun, then you certainly less creative people. Come what your answer? Despite funny and very least, if you are creative enough, dozens of answers you can provide, here are a few of them: "Wanting to find discount 'sun' of the greatest" (remember the sun supermarkets), "Because the earth like running," "Because beautiful sun's "(remember the dancer beautiful sun)," Just for fun off course. Instead of silence is not no work "," If it's too fast around the Monument National "," If the surrounding villages, later thought to rival a vegetable seller. "

Humor is one kind of creativity the highest that human own. Well, creativity is the highest intelligence of human beings. That is, a sense of humor is honorable. He really is proof that one has the intelligence. There can not be a stupid comedian. They must be smart. Even lazy comedian who is always acting the fool in a joke on TV, can guarantee an intelligent person

So go to heaven when making people smile.

I Hope he he he...... ^ _ ^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Friends,

Many people can 'say', but a few who would
'hear'. And if we want to go back to natural law,
should we have to listen more than
talk. Is not God gave us two ears and only
one mouth? :-)

Likewise if we see the newborn.
First auditory function than the
another. So, why listen more difficult than

Although invisible to hear is easy,
but in fact many people prefer to listen
than listening.

Listening is an essential part of determining
effective communication. Without the ability to hear the good,
usually appear many problems. What often happens,
we feel that we are most true. We do not
interested to hear different opinions and only
depends on our way.

Always felt right, most competent, and never
make mistakes. Duh ... angel time! :-)

If we always feel that we are right, and how
it is our best, that means we never
listen. Ideas and opinions are very difficult to change
if the facts do not support our beliefs. Even if there
even the fact we may only just be mere glance.

Maybe this time we are comfortable with the way we are, but for
long period of time, people will reject and
hate us. If we want to start listening to other people,
then one day we will realize our mistake.

The answer to overcoming this nature is to hone skills
active listening. Hearing is not always the quiet,
but it also involves our active participation. Hearing the
better not expect the coming turn to speak.

Hearing is committed to understanding speech and
feelings of our speaker. This is also a form of
appreciation that what other people are talking about
useful for us. At the same time we also can
the maximum benefit from the talks.

Art of listening can build a relationship. If
we do well, people will be interested
with us and our interactions will be more harmonious.

The following simple techniques that can be practiced by you
very natural to be a listener who

1. Maintain good eye contact. This indicates
to the other person about the openness and sincerity

2. Forwards. This shows the interest
we are on the subject. It also will
reminds us to have another point of view,
ie not just focus on ourselves.

3. Create a question when there are things that need clarification
or there is new information that we need to find out from the opposite
talk to us.

4. Create an interesting conversation interlude. This can
make conversations more lively and not monotonous.

5. Take or repeated a few words spoken by
our speaker. This shows that we are
listen well to the memorized a few snippets

6. Make a commitment to understand what he was saying,
although we do not like or angry. From here we will
Knowing the values applied our speaker,
which may vary with the value that we apply.

By trying to understand, perhaps we will
find the point of view, insight, perception or awareness
new, that does not occur to us earlier.

A good listener is almost the same
pulled with a good speaker. If we always
on the right pattern for a certain period, then
one day we will feel the benefits.

The process may be felt long and tedious, but
will eventually feel the value of our efforts have
do. We'll feel better for ourselves,
our relationships, our friends, our children, and

Conclusion: Be a good listener, because the nature of this
could be key to developing the mind
positive, and is one of your ladder to

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi Friends,

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship
that sail with no destination "- (Fritzhugh Dodson)

That is the metaphor for people who do not have a purpose in life.

Many people walk on a role, but did not know the direction of his life and purpose of life that who want to go. They are their life is what
then done. If something bad happens, they will argue fate on his side.

Not infrequently a person realize the purpose of his life at old age. It is unfortunate indeed.

Often people do not dare to make changes in his life. He just waited, and waited there is changes ... until finally achieved his life goal!

Actually, no matter if we have to change the purpose of life several times. The most important thing is that every time we have a purpose in life is to be achieved. At least we know where we will go and what strategies should be taken.

Maybe this way can provide a reference for you set your destiny.

5 way that You can Use It For Life Goal Setting:

1. Ask your conscience, what you wants for a few years? Dream your destiny.
There is nothing wrong
you're dreaming. you do not need to be ashamed to admit it,
besides, there is no cost tokh should you spend for just dreaming. ;-)

2. Gather information that can help you to be achieve that goal.
If there are other people who have managed to do what you want,
learn from them. Do what they do!

3. Do not just silent, do something and be kept constant that will take you
to the dream alive.

4. If the way you do prove effective and closer to the goal to be achieved, then how
well if you're trying to improve capability and increased speed
for the purpose of life work you more quickly achieved.

5. If things did you do on a continuous without the tired and bored,
Insya-Allah you will get the desired purpose.

You proverbial is a 'sculptor' of the picture
your own life. And a good sculptor will
always have a 'planning' in advance to
get the best results.

In this case, you can also just as large and happy as the goals you set.
Therefore that, keep yourselves well! :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where is Your Happiness?

Written by: My Friend

"The place to be happy is here. Time for
happy now. The way to be happy is to
make other people happy "- Robert G. Ingersoll

Hi Friends, if this happy moment?

Where is your happiness real? Whether the plump body?
... How beautiful your face? ... Pile of treasure?

.... or maybe a luxury car & high office?

If that's all you got, if you can
make sure that you * will * be happy?

Today I will take you to see, if
abundance of wealth does not always lead to happiness

And this true story ...

There were eight people who have the fate of billionaire less
fun at the end of his life. Year 1923, the billionaire
gathered at the Hotel Edge Water Beach in Chicago, United States
States. At that time, they are a collection of people who
very successful in his day.

However, look at their tragic fate 25 years later!
I'll call it one by one:

=> Charles Schwab, CEO of Bethlehem Steel, steel company
steel famous at that time. He went bankrupt the total,
to be in debt to finance the 5 years of his life
before he died.

=> Richard Whitney, president of the New York Stock Exchange.
This man hrs to spend the rest of his life in prison Sing Sing.

=> Jesse Livermore (king of shares "The Great Bear" in the Wall
Street), Ivar Krueger (copyright CEO), Leon
Fraser (Chairman of the Bank of International Settlements),
three have died of suicide.

=> Hupson Howard, CEO of the largest gas company in the United
North. Hupson mentally ill and died in a psychiatric hospital.

=> Cutton Arthur, owner of the largest flour mill in the world,
died in the land of others.

=> Albert Fall, a member of the U.S. president's cabinet,
died at his home when he had just come out of prison.

The story above is a proof, that the abundant wealth
not guarantee the end of a happy life!

Happiness is a factor so desirable
for all people. Almost all the goals in the estuary have
happiness. Most people just can feel * alive *
if you've found happiness.

Question ... where we can find happiness?
Was at the mall? An expensive beauty salon?
Fancy restaurant? In Hawaii? in Paris? or where?

In fact, happiness is ill need to look anywhere ...
because he was in the heart of every human being.

Find the joy in your heart!
Browse 'feel' it in kalbumu!
Believe me, he would not run anywhere ...

Today I will share tips on how we actually
can find happiness * every day *. Here are
tips you can do:

1. Start Sharing!

Make it happy by sharing with people
other. By way of sharing will make our lives feel
more meaningful.

2. Waive the heart of hatred, free your mind from
any concerns.

Saving hatred, anger or jealousy will only
makes the heart feel uncomfortable and tortured.

3. Give more in forgiveness!

If anyone is hurt, do not curse back.
Better shout "Hey! You have my pardon!!".

By having this attitude, our hearts will be
more calm, and our anger may be lost. Not believe?
Try it! I often do. :-)

4. Do something meaningful.

Life in this world is only temporary. Better to use
all the time and opportunity to do
things that are meaningful, for themselves, their families, and
others. In this way then your happiness
will grow and continue to grow.

5. And last, you should not expect too much
in others, you'll be disappointed!

Remember, happiness is the responsibility of each,
not the responsibility of friends, family, lovers, or anyone else.

Better hope we multiply only to the Most
Love and Rich. Because he was the one who created us, and
It is He who created all 'feel', including the feeling of happiness
you always wanted. ^ _ ^

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Story from my friend

Hi Friend ...

Since childhood I always wanted to travel ...
I want to fly, high, free, loose, like a bird ...

Then finally to become a "I dream", I can get what
what I want, go traveling, to many countries.

Well, some time ago I went to Korea, and my trip to Korea
left a lot of memories you want I have told All of you myfriend.

The first day of my time arrive and stand for myfeet
in Seoul, I said .. "Legs, today you became king. I will follow all your desires,
please you walk, to wherever you want ...
I will follow you! ".

That's the words that I often cast every time I go abroad.

Communicating with legs, is ridiculous sounds, but I'm not making this up
that is often the case even that I find incredible!

When I give the foot the freedom to take me anywhere it want to go, and
NO MAPS, it often took me to places I've ever dreamed
always! Weird? But it was real!

This leg seemed to know what will My first time, and he kept
the 'memory foot' until finally he take me there!

Likewise on the trip this time ...
My feet had brought me to the place which I think is incredible!

We 'Flashback' a little bit yah he he he ...! :-)

First story, a small time I love watching kung-fu movies. I
remember to buy shoes, kung-fu by My mom and I always wear every
day without going off! LOL ;-)

At that time I imagine if I is part of an ancient kingdom,
and live where the King!

Every time before going to sleep, I like to talk own 'cang cing cong' I imagine
was chatting with a group of soldiers King and I is the Queen of them or any
a warrior of their empire.
(My dream is Lebay! haa .. ^ _ ^)

Back to the present ...

Well, the first day when I arrived in Seoul Korea, I decided to walk
afternoon. Until I arrived at a crossing the road ....

My eyes glanced to the actual Right, because there seemed no actual
exhibitions and seemed quite busy!

BUT ... This leg took me wants to continue to walk toward the
counterclockwise (to the left)! When I See, on the left was in fact not
Nothing! Empty!

But I think I do not want to betray. This day became king khan feet, so I
Just follow him than desires
lust of the eyes. Hehe ..

After walking a while, suddenly
I heard a voice of Rebana ...
Dung Dung ... ... ... Dung Dung .... and voice
comes exactly from the direction in which the foot I took me to walk!

In My deep heart i ask something... "Want to take where you feet? "

I follow the voice, according to the direction in which feet to walk! The louder the sound
of Rebana ( a music equipment that used to accompany songs of "qosidah",kind of a music i have ever known when i was e little child)) it sounded, the more this leg
asked me to run.

Until the end I was in this place ...

SEOUL ......

I fell silent, shocked, and amazed!
My body suddenly felt shaky and I flying! How can my feet take
me to this place without a plan, and without a map?

Seoul City is very AREA. But how the foot can take me to run * first time *
to place this one ..? Place I never dreamed when I was a child, in
Where I want to stand near a set warrior king!! Dream become reality!

And I was crying ...

I cried ... as a sign of gratitude to the Almighty. He SO loves me.
All the dreams I always He grant.

Yes! My dream slightest, although I must wait for 20 years, but he
grant! Grant it ...!

For most people might see the view is common, but for me it was WONDERFUL! Because this beautiful landscape
I see EXACTLY the same time like the one in my shadow first!

I want to make known to you all ...

As a child I never cut a photos to then I multiply that picture
by the way the photo copies, and I stick the image is the image the cities in the world.
As a child I can not print photos because do not have money, so capable only photo copies!
hehe ..

I told my mama "One time I am going round the world ".

Every person who came into my room when It must have laughed,
because they see the pictures shaped my copy photos stuck

Yes, I attach one photograph on different images of the cities
world that I took from the piece of the calendar.

Every night before going to bed, I always look at the picture one by one. Imagining
"Oh yes .. yes .. I'd been there".

Silly, little time I also often write letter to the Embassy of each country, ask
information about their countries, as if I want to go to their country
months ahead!

"Please sir, please send immediate information about your country, following the maps yes! Because I want to go there "hahaha!

Logically, any time it may thinking "How could someone like me around
world? My mother is only a vendor of fried bananas around, My father used small entrepreneurship who arrange a small store"

But friends do not believe it when I say ALL city / state in which the pictures I have attached
first time I was finally able to visit them all!

And I went instead to the cost of the others (such as the cost of government or company),
but from the sweat & hard work alone. That is the business I run my own business.

If it had only a dream, now I can go whenever and wherever I want!

Each travel, I always stay at the hotel 5 stars, enjoying the incredible scenery,
and much more ...!

Well, oddly enough, not infrequently every time I go to other country, i have feeling
"I think I'd been here deh!"

Maybe because I never dreamed before?
Dunno ... What is clear, I do not
never had the slightest doubt as I

I always let my dream flow it is, there was no rejection in
mind ... until all of it really came and become reality!

Well, what lessons can you take from my experience at the top?

Today I will write it in a sentence ...

The future ......." who belongs believe in the beauty of their dreams ". :-)

Hopefully my experience can be an inspiration for Friends friends as well!

Warmest regards always,
from your friend ...

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Let's do an experiment ...

Turn off all lights and take your room a candle.
Blame it to light candles and watch
backward ... you will find is a black body
a very large body shape resembling that no other
is your own shadow.

You realize that the small lamp of wax has been shown
you would your own shadow?

Big shadow always follow you and will always be
there is in you, these things ARE JUST NOT LOOKING
until you are blaming a candle lantern that will realize
you will be so.

There PART within yourself that resembles the object that
Another was called the DARK SIDE or THE DARK SIDE. Psychologists
call it ID, or The Demon which is basically
form of self-indulgence, lust, GREED and selfishness.

This will not be seen UNTIL you blame "a small candle lantern"
your heart that you will be aware of your DARK SIDE.

With the awareness that no matter how small, will be very
useful for you to BE SEEN and CONTROL
"The dark side of you" than you are controlled by it.

NO PLACE SPECIAL SATISFACTION all lust for the dark side of you,
but if you do not control him to place
in place, then the dark side of life you will destroy

War, Rape, Abuse, Murder, and Behavior
Anarchist WHICH IS based on the selfishness of the lack of
ability of someone to SEE and CONTROL dark side

Someone who becomes the victim will make a darker side of life
their own misery, full of problems and full of drama.

Therefore, it is good you will RECOGNIZE the
the dark side of yourself to identify with what it
desires based on your PASSION will only
ruin your life.

Take a piece of paper and write REALLY all desire -
whatever you desire it PASSION INCLUDING things SHAME
Acknowledge. Take a good look at your own writings and UNDERSTAND what
will TAKE you become a better man, and WHERE the
will only make you more immersed in your dark side.

And always remember that the dark side may manifest itself
noise-whisper as you pat on the head ... By the time you want to take
a decision, then your head will be filled with whispers,
debate and battle between dark and light side of the heart
who wants to save you from the dark side.

Dark side filled with sweet words are very tempting
for you choose, while the lamp is not as sweet as liver dark side
EVEN sometimes difficult to run.

The dark side of fast but promises instant gratification, while the lamp
to offer long-term satisfaction that will not be seen
after you take a few phases.

It takes maturity to think and WISDOM to be
actually holding fluctuations sweet dark side which basically DIFFICULT
to be rejected. Even most of the men had made the dark side
they are as addictive substances that will always be to direct them
to destruction.

Whatever RESULTS from whatever you do is RESPONSIBILITIES
your own. And RESULTS you get it based on ACTION
you who come from the decisions you make based on the dark side
(dark side) or a light heart (conscience).