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A New Way to Achieve All Your Dreams

Name something you want. It can be a weight-loss goal, a money goal, a sales quota, a new house, a relationship, etc. It's entirely up to you.
Since this book is about money, think about your money goals. How much more money are your seeking, anyway? A hundred dollars? Thousands? A million?
Now let me ask you a blunt question: Why don't you have it yet?
Why don't you have the thinner body, or more money, or whatever it is you said you wanted? Well?
Now let me tell you something shocking: The fault isn't with the economy, your parents, your spouse, your neighbors, your mayor, the president or anyone or anything outside of you. There is only one answer to my question of, "Why don't you have it yet?" And I'll tell you what it is in a minute.
Have you ever wondered why so many people have so much trouble getting what they truly want? Have you considered that there could be an easier way though life? Have you ever felt that life was just too much of a struggle? Most of us have, at one time or another, just felt that life was a royal pain. But the liberating truth is this - life doesn't have to be that way.
What's the secret to making life a joy? What's the secret to creating more money now? And what's the answer to why you haven't achieved your goals yet?
It's in your own mind.
No, not in your thoughts. Not in your conscious mind. The roadblock is deeper. It's where you rarely look. It's in your unconscious. In short, if there is something you are trying to achieve - you name it - and you aren't achieving it, chances are your unconscious holds some contradictory intentions for you. Said another way, you want something and it doesn't.
If you are typical, you are constantly giving yourself contradictory instructions - like "I want to lose weight" and "I want that luscious piece of pie." Notice anything odd about them?
Those statements are going in different directions. After years of such frustrating and contradictory messages, your unconscious gives up and starts to disregard what you consciously want.
In other words, you canceled out your own request. You said, "I want money," but right after that you said (or thought), "I don't deserve it" or "Money never comes to me" or some other similar limiting belief. As a result, you usually didn't get what you said you wanted!
But I have good news for you. All that is about to end.
An Introduction To Cybernetic Transposition
I define "Cybernetic Transposition" as: Putting yourself consciously in charge by creating effective communication between your conscious and unconscious minds, by consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success, resolving self-defeating unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you and by creating effective conscious communication with the part of your that knows what's right for you.
Where did I get the two words that make up the term?
Cybernetics is a term created by the incredibly brilliant Norbert Wiener who developed the discipline and who I used to see wandering the halls of MIT. Cybernetics derives from the Greek word for "steersman" or the person in control.
In a very real sense, our unconscious mind acts as our massively powerful, massively parallel computer comprised of about 100 billion tiny computers called neurons. Usually, our conscious minds are pretty much irrelevant to the functioning of our unconscious.

I'll be teaching you to change that, to bring your conscious mind into the loop so it, in a sense, becomes the steersman.

So the first part of the definition is helping people to be more human rather than acting like machines that operate almost totally unconsciously, out of conscious control.
Transposition is defined as the process of interchanging. In our case, we are taking a memory of success in one aspect of life or in the same aspect at a different time in life and transposing it to create success in a different aspect and/or time.
Now that you have been introduced to the name of the process, let's move on to discovering how to use it to manifest your highest dreams.
Three Steps To More Cash
You're about to learn how a tried and tested three step process can transform your world and bring you all the riches you've ever imagined. I've proven this method will work by testing it on 50,000 people. Now you're going to prove it will work for you.
First, let me introduce you to the basic three steps:
1. Create a Target that defines what you want, one that is clearly understood by all aspects of your un-conscious mind.
Think of the bull's eye of an archery target with its concentric circles enclosing a central red circle. Your unconscious mind needs something as clear as that circle, a target that indicates exactly what you want.
2. Prioritize your Target: Flag it so that you will remain unconsciously focused on it while you get on with your normal activities.
Imagine a large crows of people, all dressed alike in gray. Now picture one of them holding up your highly graphic bulls' eye target with the bright red center. Chances are, the target is what will catch your eye. That's what happens in your unconscious mind when you have appropriately prioritized your target.
3. Resolve any self-defeating un-conscious habit patterns that can prevent you from achieving your target.
Your unconscious habits govern what you normally do in a situation. The most efficient way to go through life is to do a lot of things on automatic - except when those automatic habit patterns get in the way. In other words, most people have unconscious mechanisms that sabotage their desire to hit the target. When you clear those, you are free to hit the mark.
One Last Thing
You don't have to believe this is going to work. You probably have your doubts. You probably want to raise a ton of money fast but are highly suspicious that this method will work for you. Well, I've taught my seminar to 50,000 people. Even the ones who didn't believe this would work still got results.
The truth is this:
1. If you have a modest goal or target, you can use the Basic three steps we've been talking about to achieve it.
2. If you have what feels like an "Impossible" desire, you can use the Super Achievement process to achieve it.
Either way, your results are just waiting for you!

How to Create Complete & Perfect Freedom

By :  Dr. Robert Anthony

Imagine doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, where you want, for as long as you want, without ever having to answer to anyone…

Let me ask you a question.

How would you know if you were "rich"?

That may seem like a stupid question. You would probably reply, "I would know if I was rich if I had no bills, or I had a lot of money in the bank, or had income producing investments or business, or I could buy whatever I want without having to go into debt".

What Are True Riches?

If you gave any of the above answers you would be partially correct. Most people perceive wealth or riches as the ability to be financially secure. However, true riches offer an even greater benefit than financial security A person who is truly rich knows they are truly rich when they have achieved the most valuable asset of all: PERSONAL FREEDOM!

This is true wealth -- to have complete FREEDOM to live life on YOUR terms.

Focus on What You Want to Attract

When I did not understand the principle of personal freedom, I focused on money. I wanted money, and I wanted lots of it! That was my goal. And because we get what we focus on, I attracted more money.

But then one day I realized that what I really wanted was the freedom to live life on my terms. First, it's important to know when people see how I live and conduct my business, they often say that, "It's easy for you, you earn a lot of money, you're famous, you've got a huge demand for your books, training programs, etc.” But they miss the point. I purposely designed my life this way when I had no money.

This was my dream. This was my intention.

Focus on Having Personal Freedom

Living this way is the basis of what I teach in my books, audio programs, seminars and personal counseling. What you get in life is determined by what you focus on and the actions you take.

In other words, you get the outcome of personal freedom by focusing on it and practicing it. It is both the cause and the effect or the outcome.

I choose freedom to do what I like, when I like, where I like, with whom I like in both my personal life and in my business.

For example, I do not carry a mobile phone with me unless I am traveling. When I am at home, which is ninety percent of the time, I don't carry one with me. My reasoning is that I am just not that important that I must annoy everyone who comes into contact with me by constantly and incessantly talking on the phone.

If you feel you have to carry a mobile phone with you everywhere and answer every call, you are not free -- you are a prisoner.

Create Your Life By Design

In addition to not carrying a mobile phone with me, I do not take any unscheduled phone calls. Even my personal coaching clients who pay me tens of thousands of dollars must make advance appointments to talk with me on the phone - and those calls are kept to a minimum because I prefer getting emails.

As a result, today, I work only with people I enjoy working with.
No exceptions. If I have a troublesome client, I fire them!

My Freedom Makes Me Truly Rich

I live pretty much as I choose. If I want to take a day off to go out to the races, watch the horses run and have a bet, I do. If I want to travel anywhere, I do. If I want to be with someone, dine anywhere or go when I want, whenever I want, I do.

My peace of mind and my freedom to live my life on my terms is why I am truly rich. Yet, I want to quickly emphasize, this has nothing to do with the amount of money I earn. This just helps to support my lifestyle of freedom.

But here is the point: I created this at a time when I could not afford it. I didn't wait until I had to money to do it. It was my core desire. I believe anyone can live this way if they choose. People tell me that because of their circumstances it is not possible for them to do this. I tell them "horse pucky.” You can do anything you want if you set your intention and follow through.

This is true wealth. You can have it your way regardless of what you do for a living, regardless of the business you're in, where you live, your current income, wealth or lack thereof, regardless of any variable you can possibly name. If you will deliberately get in ALIGNMENT with creating freedom, YOU - I mean: YOU - can have it!

Get in Alignment with Your Desire to be Free

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to get in total ALIGNMENT spiritually, mentally, emotionally, strategically and behaviorally with a lifestyle of personal freedom, so you can enjoy the results of you wealth. This is the position you want to get into, as quickly as possible.

The 5 Rules of Happiness

By : Burt Goldman
You know when you're happy, and certainly no one has to tell you when you're sad. But what is it that makes a person happy?
It is important to realize that what makes you happy might depress another person. There are people, because of guilt, a feeling they do not deserve what they have, or a feeling they will lose what they have that makes them unhappy when they should be happy.
Possessions are a poor measure of happiness. Possessions are subjective and relative to the individual and the individual's viewpoint. Instead, we will use a philosophy as an example.
This philosophy is about enjoying things you like, avoiding or changing things you do not like, and accepting what you cannot avoid or change by the skillful use of your viewpoint. The use of this philosophy, as embodied in the five rules, will allow you to test many problem areas in your life and find solutions. With this philosophy, you will be well on your way on your pursuit of happiness.
Rule Number One: If You Like a Thing, Enjoy It.
Now that seems outrageously simple. At first you might say, "That's ridiculous, of course if I like something I'm going to enjoy it." But when you stop to think about it you'll probably agree that there are many things in life that we like but don't enjoy. The reasons we don't enjoy things we like are (a) guilt, and (b) fear. You will not enjoy something you like if you feel guilty after having done the thing, or if you are fearful of the consequences of doing it.
Rule Number Two: If You Don't Like a Thing, Avoid It.
The second rule seems simple enough, but reflect for a moment on how many people are involved with things they do not like — a job, a person, a vehicle, a type of food, any one of a thousand things — and for some reason they don't avoid those things. "Well, I can't avoid it. I have to work there because I need the money." Or, "I have to be involved with this person for many valid reasons." How many justifications can you think of for not avoiding the things you do not like to do?
Rule Number Three: If You Don't Like a Thing, and You Cannot Avoid It, Change It.
Here again, the answer is simple: change it. But just as in avoidance we rationalize that we need something about it — the money, the time, the security — something is holding you to that particular thing if you don't like it, cannot avoid it, won't change it, but are still involved with it.
Rule Number Four: If You Don't Like a Thing, Cannot Avoid It, and Cannot or will Not Change It, Accept It.
Acceptance — now there is a catch. How can you accept something you don't like? How in the world do you accept something that is 'unacceptable'? How do you accept a situation that you're not happy with? How do you accept a person that you're not happy with? Well, you really don't have to accept anything; you can, of course, be unhappy. If you don't like it, won't change it, cannot avoid it, and will not accept it, I guarantee that you will be unhappy. There are, however, five rules to the secret of happiness, and within the fifth lies the key.
Rule Number Five: You Accept a Thing By Changing Your Attitude Towards It.
You are the result of your viewpoints and attitudes. Everything is relative to the person experiencing it. There are no absolutes — nothing is good, nothing bad, except as it relates to you. Nor is life good or bad. Life simply is. You change those things you wish by changing your viewpoint about them.
How easy!
How difficult!
Your attitudes and viewpoints are all part of your mind and once you develop the power of self mind control you will be the master of your own attitudes and viewpoints. Using these five rules you'll soon find yourself on the right path on the pursuit of happiness. You'll realize why people are unhappy. Eventually it will become automatic, and you'll find happiness a predominant state of mind. Once you realize the ease of acquiring this emotion, you develop an entirely new scale of highs and lows.
Unremitting happiness, of course, is not a possible or desirable state. According to the principle of rhythm, there is always an inflow and outflow, an ebb tide and a flood tide. You'll always have highs and lows — there's no way to avoid that. However, your highs will be higher and your lows will be higher. You'll then find that what is a happy state for you might be a state of depression for someone unaware of the Five Rules of Happiness.

Why Money Can't Buy Happiness

By : Jonah Lehrer
Money is surprisingly bad at making us happy. Once we escape the trap of poverty, levels of wealth have an extremely modest impact on levels of happiness, especially in developed countries.

Even worse, it appears that the richest nation in history -- 21st century America -- is slowly getting less pleased with life. (Or as the economists behind this recent analysis concluded: "In the United States, the [psychological] well-being of successive birth-cohorts has gradually fallen through time.")

Needless to say, this data contradicts one of the central assumptions of modern society, which is that more money equals more pleasure. That's why we work hard, fret about the stock market and save up for that expensive dinner/watch/phone/car/condo. We've been led to believe that dollars are delight in a fungible form.

But the statistical disconnect between money and happiness raises a fascinating question: Why doesn't money make us happy?
One intriguing answer comes from a new study by psychologists at the University of Liege, published in Psychological Science. The scientists explore the "experience-stretching hypothesis," an idea first proposed by Daniel Gilbert. He explains "experience-stretching" with the following anecdote:
I've played the guitar for years, and I get very little pleasure from executing an endless repetition of three-chord blues. But when I first learned to play as a teenager, I would sit upstairs in my bedroom happily strumming those three chords until my parents banged on the ceiling… Doesn't it seem reasonable to invoke the experience-stretching hypothesis and say that an experience that once brought me pleasure no longer does? A man who is given a drink of water after being lost in the Mojave Desert may at that moment rate his happiness as eight. A year later, the same drink might induce him to feel no better than a two.
What does experience-stretching have to do with money and happiness? The Liege psychologists propose that, because money allows us to enjoy the best things in life -- we can stay at expensive hotels and eat exquisite sushi and buy the nicest gadgets -- we actually decrease our ability to enjoy the mundane joys of everyday life. (Their list of such pleasures includes "sunny days, cold beers, and chocolate bars".) And since most of our joys are mundane – we can't sleep at the Ritz every night – our ability to splurge actually backfires. We try to treat ourselves, but we end up spoiling ourselves.

The study itself is straightforward. The psychologists gathered 351 adult employees of the University of Liege, from custodial staff to senior administrators, for an online survey. (I should note that it remains unclear whether happiness and other aspects of well-being can be meaningfully measured with a multiple choice test. So caveats apply.)
The scientists primed the subjects by showing them a stack of Euro bills before asking them a bunch of questions which attempted to capture their "savoring ability." Here's how the savoring test worked:
Participants are asked to imagine finishing an important task (contentment), spending a romantic weekend away (joy), or discovering an amazing waterfall while hiking (awe). Each scenario is followed by eight possible reactions, including the four savoring strategies referred to in the introduction (i.e., displaying positive emotions, staying present, anticipating or reminiscing about the event, and telling other people about the experience). Participants are required to select the response or responses that best characterize what their typical behavior in each situation would be, and receive 1 point for each savoring strategy selected.
Interestingly, the scientists found that people in the wealth condition -- they'd been primed with all those Euros – had significantly lower savoring scores. This suggests that simply looking at money makes us less interested in relishing the minor pleasures of life. Furthermore, subjects who made more money in real life -- the scientists asked all subjects for their monthly income -- scored significantly lower on the savoring test.
A subsequent experiment duplicated this effect among Canadian students, who spent less time savoring a chocolate bar after being shown a picture of Canadian dollars. The psychologists end on a bleak note:
Taken together, our findings provide evidence for the provocative notion that having access to the best things in life may actually undermine one's ability to reap enjoyment from life's small pleasures.
Our research demonstrates that a simple reminder of wealth produces the same deleterious effects as actual wealth on an individual's ability to savor, suggesting that perceived access to pleasurable experiences may be sufficient to impair everyday savoring. In other words, one need not actually visit the pyramids of Egypt or spend a week at the legendary Banff spas in Canada for one's savoring ability to be impaired—simply knowing that these peak experiences are readily available may increase one's tendency to take the small pleasures of daily life for granted.
This makes me think of the Amish. From a certain perspective, the Amish live without a lot of the stuff most of us consider essential. They don't use cars, reject the Internet, avoid the mall, and prefer a quiet permanence to hefty bank accounts. The end result, however, is a happiness boom. When asked to rate their life satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, the Amish are as satisfied with their lives as members of the Forbes 400.
There are, of course, many ways to explain the contentment of the Amish. (The community has strong ties, plenty of religious faith and stable families, all of which reliably correlate with high levels of well-being.) But I can't help wonder if part of their happiness is related to experience-stretching. They don't fret about getting the latest iPhone, or eating at the posh new restaurant, or buying the au courant handbag. The end result, perhaps, is that the Amish are better able to enjoy what really matters, which is all the stuff money can't buy.

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How I can earn $ 30.00 plus per day?

Join:  Neobux.com


Before you judge this strategy is to understand that you are not earning $ 30.00 plus per day as soon as you start, at first it takes only a few cents a day, but if you are a committed person and develop your account will be a smooth path to a lucrative income.
If we do not invest money that will take time to start earning big money, if you invest the money, obviously, to win much faster, but the investment is not a requirement if you are willing to take some time to win gradually.

I can use a service-based Internet advertising called Neobux as described and I am currently earning $ 35.00 to $ 38.00 USD per day, Neobux pay its members for clicking ads advertisers and everybody gets a slice of the pie, the administrative cut to advertisers get traffic and people join their programs, but important, you get paid to click and instantly see the ads.

The main element to make money through Neobux is referrals. If you do not have references to make money very slowly, it's that simple. You will earn about $ 15 a year if we have no reference to what might be better to be given two options, the first and easiest is to rent references, I'll go into more detail later in the rental of reference, second option is to purchase direct references as I am now, in short, when someone joins Neobux by clicking on the banner, the account will be registered under that account people, when this happens, the person will receive some money flag each time you click on an advertisement, which also receive 100% of their income to click ads by registering under another person who has nothing to lose.

Renting directly from Neobux referrals is an easy option, but if you jump the gun you might find that renting them is not so great, so I'd like to share this strategy with you so you will have a better chance to earn money instead of breaking even or even potential loss of revenue, it is possible, but if you read this document carefully all. I will point out the main things that will help you make good money.
The references are real and the cost of 28 cents per month each, some will be active and others not. Before you rent references should be familiar with the terms of the services part of 3.7, the clicks you make must be in accordance with the server time and if you do not click any ads today are not assigned a reference to the morning clicks.

If you find that one or more of your referrals becomes inactive leased that have the ability to recycle and get a new one as a replacement, recycling rented a referral will cost cents to $ 0.08, but the replacement referral clicked at least 10 items in the last five days so the odds are in your favor that they will remain active long enough for you to get your 8 cents again, and much more. It may seem like much, but it is certainly worthwhile. If not recycling inactive referrals will lose money and will surely not want that to happen.

Standard discount rental members: Each member will have a discount excellent standard in her / two first properties. Instead of paying $ 0.30 per referral per month, standard members will pay only $ 0.25 the first two times they rent.

Upon reaching 80 cents per click you will have the option of renting their first three references. This is where most people make a big mistake. It takes about 20 days to win the first 80 cents on your own, if you are unlucky and lose a lot of bonus announcements during the day or night. You are guaranteed a minimum of four days worth of ads at least $ 0.01 each, people are so eager to buy their referrals in the first place they just get them as soon as your account reaches $ 0.80 to is the minimum amount you can transfer your balance to buy rental references. When people do this very often do not realize that they do not have enough money to support their newly rented referrals and references are eventually removed because they can not afford to pay for another month. Ideally, prior rental references must earn at least $ 1.50 per click on their ads and then transfer your balance to rent. In this way you have an additional $ 0.25 for each referral and will be easily able to recycle if they start to go dormant or pay to maintain them for a month when his last days decreases. It will take a while to get $ 1.50 on its own, but this way you will be able to keep their references, and exchange of active and inactive without the fear that you will not be able to pay for them for a month.

Neobux has a fantastic feature called Autopay, is a great tool where if you've allowed and a reference click on one or more ads, referral is automatically paid for another day but at a slower rate that saves you 10% every day you click. As soon as you rent your first three references must enable Autopay, the link can be found at the top of the page to rent referrals. A reference costs 28 cents a month to maintain. Instead of paying the transfer of each month, which pay for themselves all the time which allowed Autopay and click on the classified ads you'll get a discount of 10% which adds up to a lot of money when have a lot of references.

Charge too soon is a huge mistake for people using Neobux. When you request a payment, the money is transferred instantly into your AlertPay / PayPal account. In order to see if it is true Neobux legitimate (But it is), many people earn $ 2.00 per click, and then cash out is a complete waste of time. Now you have two dollars in your AlertPay / PayPal account. Those Two U.S. dollars should have been put to rent more referrals or the expansion of its first package of 90 days to maximize their profits. With this strategy will save $ 1.50 in the balance of your money before you rent your first 3 referrals. Keep references to rent in increments of three (you can rent for more increases later as his references make you more money) and continue until you have 500 references. This will take some time, but bear with it because it is highly profitable in the way.

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The Art of Complimenting Woman

Ha? What is this?
The Art of Complimenting Woman?

Do not we have to "Keep VALUE" front womanwith NOT PRAISE HIM? Is not if a woman is praised,then he will be a BIG HEAD and we assumeSlut? Is not praise it the old way that is notfair and * conflicts * with the way EMOTION work?
In the book "how to win friends and influencepeople "written by Dale Carnegie said that:
"The needs and requirements of the most sought BASICmany people in her social is PRAISE "
Right? All the people WANT, FIND LOVE and PRAISE,Even people who claim to NOT want to be praised evenPRAISE hopes by saying he "did not wantcommended ".
LIKE EVERYONE complimented.
Well if everyone likes praised INCLUDING WOMEN,why do not we praise them?
But his praise is not praise that makes usseem to be * very * need or NEEDY.
Therefore, we MUST 
first know which PRAISE
that REDUCE VALUE, and which ones PRAISE can
increase the VALUE ... 
If you have all praised the women but theirrespond to mediocre or even TURN-OFF,mean your praise is  WRONG praise.
Then How the RIGHT?
It is a concept that I gave the name "The Artof complimenting Woman ".
FIRST THING you should notice is BRAINyou can feel the energy of a negative or positiveBRAIN others who are communicating with you.In other words, your suspicions could DIRECTfeel if you catch from people NEGATIVE EMOTIONSothers who talk with you via BODYLANGUAGE, facial expression and intonation of his voice.
Women's 10x more sensitive in reading body languageand EMOTIONS. Therefore, women can FEELif your compliment is praise or compliments HONESTwho WANT to get something from him.
Examples of praise WANT to get something:
Men: You're really pretty cool ... [With a smiling faceand waiting for a reply from the woman]
Woman: Thanks ... [Give answers because they FEELawaited the answer]
Viewed from the example above, the man said "you are beautifulreally deh "and then gave a smile and faceWAITING for the woman answers ... it signifies the MaleGETTING COMPLIMENTS to give gratitudefrom the Women and TRY to make the woman becomesLIKE with the man.
That * SIGNS * that the man giving praise forGETTING something, namely a sense of gratitude from theThe woman, who he thought was a "way" to makeLIKE a woman with him.
But not so, It's called PRAISE takes charge.
For those of you who are working, try to notice whenYour boss came and chatted with theemployees, see who's the Boss employee PRAISE need to pay ...
Well then how about an HONEST PRAISE?
Example 1:
You: You're pretty cool ... [with a serious face, halfsmile and NOT expect answers nothing]
And without waiting for an answer, straight talk aboutMore ...
Example 2:
Girl: Would you please grab the file please ...  

You: [help the woman] is the file ... [half-smile andwithout the NEED to go straight from the word thanks from Female]
Example 3:
The situation was dinner
Girl: [spoon fell] yah spoon fall ...
You: [take a spoon and give it to the woman]This ... careful next time [serious face, half smilesand NOT expect the words to thank and directtalk about something else]
See a difference?
Things that seem the same but VERY-VERY DIFFERENT.
If you give an honest compliment, then the responseto be provided is RESPECT for WomenThat is called BEING A Gentlemen. If youPRAISE want, GUARDING, or loved HELPINGLadies, DO NO NEED that his gratitudeor wanted something from him. Be a PE-Mujiwith a sincere compliment without desire reversedyour praise.
Well then what if you PRAISE with HONESTbut the response of women "assume" you are NOT PRAISEwith HONEST and just wanted something from him?
Example 1:
You: You're beautiful today ... [Honest]Girl: Yeah ... already many are saying anyway, anyways I'vehave a guy who often praise me ... [Take your complimentas a tool for making the same she LIKE you]
Example 2: This  happened by one of my best friend ... that time we werebe in a club and a woman who * is not too* looks beautiful standing alone and my best friend sayhello:
A: eh, are you longer own? It is Better  we chat together.....[This honest invitation from my friend who just wants to be bersosialand does not intend to show love for the woman.]
Girl: oh that? Are you want to DANCE? Yes there already! PLEASE do it your OWN! [The woman thinks that's just my friend Preamble which ends want to invites the girl DANCE]
Example 3:
You: I really like you ... cool ... [honest]
Girl: Yes! Whatever lah...!

[Become a big headache because praised and dismissed the praise of honest]
Well then what we MUST do when things like this happen?
Do something called PUSH-pull
Examples of cases back and forth according to the above:
Example 1:
You: You're beautiful today ... [honest]
Girl: Yes already many are saying, anyways I've had a guy whoI often praise kok ... [consider you as a compliment tools to make the same she LIKE you]
>> YOU: Oh nice cool ... so I  don't need to praise you again!
Example 2:
A: uh, whether you're alone? we better talk
[This honest invitation from my friend who justwant bersosial only and do not intend to showliking to the woman.]
Girl: oh that? Do you want to DANCE? Yes there already! PLEASE do it your  OWN! [The woman thinks that's just my friend Preamble which ends want to invites the girlDANCE]
>> A: lho? you THINK  i just want to DANCE with you?
Girl: [nervous and embarrassed] mmm ... no!
A: yes already, good you finally realize..  I just want to chat ... by the way, what is your name?
--- The rest can be no doubt anymore ---
Example 3:
You: I really like it you ... cool ... [honest]
Girl: yea! Whatever la! [Become a big headache becausepraised and dismissed the praise of honest]
>> YOU: hahaha apparently ... I pull my greeting deh ...
PUSH-pull clay how to work?
You Praising> Respondnya Good> Forward Praising
You Praising> Respondnya bitchy> Give the "little"Punishment with "a little" Mocked
That is BASIC from "The Art of complimentingWoman, "now let us discuss in more depth.
Remember activating Broca's region and RectacularExisting system in the human brain? The point is not to do somethingby CONSTANT, but always had to change and the TAK changeUNPREDICTABLE.
So when giving a compliment, do this:
Praise, praise, praise, ridicule, ridicule, praise, ridicule, praise, praise,taunted, jeered etc.
Do PRAISE continuously ... and at the praise,make sure you PRAISE QUALITY.
What kind of a compliment of quality?
We will discuss the time on the other.
Then when you give a little derision butANGRY him what to do? Let's see:

Was the woman really ANGRY?
Or * just * give to your TEST?
If he's REALLY mad, then you are WRONGtaunting him. Ridicule that I do not mean * insult *but it is a known Tools* Flirt *
Flirting is * taunts * which can growCHEMISTRY.
Then How can I flirt with the truth?
We discuss the time on the other.

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Make Money from Blog, Is it Easy?

"Brother, if there are Internet programs that generate the most easy and fast money?" "Among the Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, whichever is easier to make money?"
Frankly, I am always Sad to see the mindset that considers misleading make money from blogs is easy. Live to make the blog, the content (either original or copy-paste the results), advertise here and there and finished. Money must be in hand.
But was it so?
We're sorry, unfortunately, make money from blogs is not easy.
True, you can still make money via blog to copy-paste and SEO. True, you can still call yourself "$ 1000 Bloggers" with black hat techniques. But I personally believe, at some point, at some point, you blog readers will be embarrassed to visit your blog again because there is no benefit he can get.
In my opinion, misleading way of thinking which assumes that make money via blogs is easy (because the live patch-ad patch) will never succeed at least two reasons.
First, when we were just stuffing your blog with ads everywhere, we are actually unwittingly destroy the reputation of our own blogs. Our blog readers will know that in the end we really just want to make money quickly through our blog. As a result, our blog readers would immediately feel lazy to visit our blog again.
Second, when we fill the blog with ads everywhere and think that was his way of making money through blogs, soon we will meet with disappointment because we dream of money just does not have on hand. Perhaps at first we were making money. But it will not take long. Because really, not so the correct way to make money through blogs.
However, also make money via blogs does not mean something is not possible. Already ample evidence that bloggers produce extraordinary amounts of money through their blogs. What distinguishes them is the correct mindset about how to make money via blogs.
Then how do I make money via blog properly?
Instead of monetization program was preoccupied with what is most easy and quick to make money, it would be better if you're busy thinking about how you can provide the greatest benefit to the readers of your blog. Make your blog really gave the benefit and required by the readers of your blog. Make your blog into a blog reference. Be the authority bloggers to your chosen niche.
Yes, blogs by niche and that's good content that will ultimately produce the largest cash purse in your pocket. It's not a matter of choice monetization program.
Just a note, even the 10 most popular blogs (by Technorati) with extraordinary revenues are blogs with their own unique niche (and certainly not just a blog copy-paste the ad code).
If there's time, there is no harm in looking and studying the 10 most popular blogs below:
1. Huffington Post (Public and Politics) 2. TechCrunch (Web and News) 3. Gizmodo (Gadgets) 4. Engadget (Gadget) 5. BoingBoing (General and News-Gazette ODD) 6. Lifehacker (Productivity) 7. Ars Technica (Technology News) 8. ICanHasCheezburger (Cute Cats Photographs) 9. ReadWriteWeb (Web News and Trends) 10. Mashable (Social Networking News)
If we look more carefully, they will be clearly seen that almost all the blogs above have unique content and exceptional helpful. "Content is still the king." The ten most popular blogs are producing extraordinary amounts of money because the first gives the greatest benefit to their readers. Not the opposite.
Then hard would it to be the authority blogger?
Yes. Because that's not all bloggers can make money (in the amount outstanding). A Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net owner) must arrange time desperately to manage their blogs during the first few years on the sidelines of the three types of part-time job, then still have lived. A Michael Arrington (TechCrunch.com owner) had to stay up until 4 am almost every day just to get exclusive news latest technologies that have not been posted on another blog. A Yaro Starak (EntrepreneurJourney.com owner) must give up his studies because the more immersed in the activity of blogging and focus on providing the best content for their blog readers.
Make money from blog really is not easy. Weight instead.
But if you already have the right mindset that it takes effort to make money via blogs, tenacious, patient, courageous and persistent to achieve it, make money via blogs is not necessarily completely impossible.
The key: you must give the greatest benefit to your blog reader first, create your blog and become a credible authority in the niche you choose, and only then do whatever monetization as you want.
What do you think?
You may not agree with my opinion you know. It's great if you want to share their opinions with me here. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Master your Emotional Intelligence!

"Anyone can be angry. Anger is easy. However, angry at the right people, with the appropriate level, at the time appropriate, for the right purpose, and with cheese, it is not easy. " - Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics.
Able to master emotions, often those underestimate the problem. In fact, intelligence alone is not delivers enough person reaches success.
Rather, good emotional control becomes an important factor determining success in one's life.
Emotional intelligence is an illustration mentality of someone who is smart in analyze, plan and solve problems, ranging from mild to complex.
With this intelligence, one can understand, recognize, and select their qualities as human beings. People who have emotional intelligence can understand others well and make decisions wisely.
Moreover, this intelligence-related closely to how a person can applying what she learned about happiness, love and interacting with others.
He also knows his life purpose, and will responsible for all matters happened in her life as evidence high emotional intelligence owned.
More focused on emotional intelligence achieving a successful life * Does not look *.
Success can be achieved when someone could make a deal involving emotions, feelings and interaction with others.
Evidently, the achievement of success in material does not guarantee satisfaction someone.
In 1990, Emotional Intelligence (which also known as the "EQ"), introduced through the world market.
Stated that a person's ability to handle and use emotions appropriately in any form interaction is more needed than intelligence (IQ) of a person.
Now, let's see, how emotions can change all the limitations become extraordinary things ....
A rich millionaire in America States, Donald Trump, is an example conscientious in this regard. In the year 1980 until 1990, known as Trump enough real estate tycoon successful, with personal wealth estimated at one billion U.S. dollars.
Two books were written at the height of success career, namely "The Art of the Deal and Surviving at the Top ". But the road through which Trump did not always smooth ...
You remember the depression that hit the world at the end of the year 1990? At that time property stock prices tumbled even participate drastically. Until the time last night, Trump's life becomes very opposite.
Trump is highly dependent on This should bear the business property loans totaling 900 million U.S. Dollars! Even the World Bank has predicted bankruptcy.
Some of his friends who suffered the fate Similar thinking that this is the end their lives, to really end her life by way of suicide self.
Here the emotional intelligence Trump really tested. How not when she expects sympathy from former his wife, he actually asked to provide all remaining property in lieu of loss of their divorce.
People who are regarded as a friend Nearby went away granted. Great cause support for Trump to despair and give up on life. However it did not commit.
Trump precisely this view that opportunity to work and change circumstances. Although he was financially had lost everything, but there "Intangible assets" that remain owned.
Yes, Trump has the experience and strong business understanding, which is far more precious than all his property which ever!
What happens next?
Fantastic, six months later Trump 've managed to make a deal largest in the history of business.
Three years later, Trump could earn a profit of U.S. $ 3 Billion. He also managed to write his latest book which was given back Search for "The Art of The Comeback."
In this book tells Trump what happened to her bankruptcy it makes it more wisely, strong and focused than ever before.
Indeed, he thinks, if only disaster It does not happen, then he would not ever know his true friends and not will make it more rich than previously. Incredible is not it? :-)
Emotional intelligence gives a person determination to rise from failure, also bring strength to the someone to stand up fear.
Not the same way as intelligence brain or IQ, emotional intelligence present on every person & can be developed.
Here are some tips on how to honed emotional intelligence:
1. Always live with courage.

Exercise and dare to try new things  will provide a variety of experiences and
open mind with a variety of other possibilities in life.
2. Always responsible for everything.

This will be a way to be  gain the trust of others and  not easy to control us
surrender. "Being accountable is being dependable "
3. Dare to come out of your comfort zone.

Trying to get out of your comfort zone will  allows us to explore many  pp.
4. Recognizing the fear and try to to deal with it.

Doing this will build a sense of  confident and able to guarantee
there is definitely something that all solution.
5. Be humble.

Willing to admit mistakes in life.  it can improve self-esteem us.
So, Overcome your emotional intelligence
Because emotions are one of the important factors that could You control the route to success and also enjoy a colorful life. :-)