Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is the ninth Legendary Sword in the World

1.       Saladin (Salahuddin Al Ayubbi) Sword
Saladin (Salahuddin Al Ayubbi) sword, the Kurdish Muslim general and warrior from Tikrit. This sword made from Damascus steel very hard but flexible because it has a content of CNTs (carbon nanotubes).
He said this is very sharp sword, sharp enough to easily pierce armor Renald de chatilon.
        Salahuddin popular among Muslims and Christians because of his leadership, military strength, and nature of the knights and forgiving when he fought against the crusaders. Sultan Salahuddin Al Ayubbi is also a cleric. He provides footnotes and a variety of explanations in the book of hadeeth of Abu Dawud. Now this sword is a private collection Shahhi family in the UAE. It costs about 
        $ 555,000


2.       The Sword of King Goujian
        This sword is a state treasure and has charisma equal to King Arthur's Excalibur sword. When found, this sword has more than 2000 years old, but still very sharp and not rusty. Moreover, there is a rhombic pattern of concentric circles and 11 which is only 0.2 millimeters away from its hilt.
Material: bronze.
Length: 55.6 cm (including handle)
Width: 5 cm.

        Swords made of copper, making it more flexible and less likely to destroy; side of the sword has a tin content, making it harder and was able to maintain a sharp edge; sulfur reduces the possibility of erosion patterns.
King Goujian sword is one amazing example of previous metallurgical science in China. Even now, his own sword is not easy to be replicated.

3.       Zulfikar sword
Zulfikar, the legendary sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib.
Told, at the Battle of Uhud (625 M) Prophet Muhammad Zulfikar presented to Ali (son), and the sword that conquers most weight enemies of Ali ibn Abi Talib is Amr ibnu Abu dawud, while Helm and armor destroyed.  Zulfikar was then used by Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet, who died in the Battle of Karbala. 

4.    Honjo Masamune
Honjo Masamune, a symbol of the Tokugawa shogunate swords made by Masamune, the famous sword maker in Japan in the early 14th century. Artificial sword Masamune often compared with an artificial sword Muramasa, which allegedly is a former pupil. Masamune sword symbolizes peace, while Muramasa sword symbolizes the blood thirsty. 

5. Muramasa
Muramasa Sengo (Sengo Muramasa) was a famous swordsmith who founded the Muramasa school and lived during the Muromachi period (16th century) in Japan.
Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook said that Muramasa "was a good swordsmith but cruel and ill-thought, which is reflected on homemade swords. The sword was believed to be blood thirsty and to encourage their soldiers to commit murder or suicide."
When Tokugawa Ieyasu became shogun, artificial Muramasa sword is no longer popular because it was believed killed many people near Ieyasu. 

6. The Wallace Sword
This sword is owned Sir William Wallace (1270 - 1305), A knight and Scottish patriot who perform resistance terhadapan British rule. Mentioned that the sword was used in the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297 and the Battle of Falkirk (1298).
132 cm long sword blade, while the overall length including handles is 168cm. Wide variety of sword blades, near the handle 2:25 and 0.75 inch at the tip.
Weight is 2.7kg sword.

7.Tippu Sultan Sword
Sword ownership Sultan Fateh Ali Tippu (Urdu: فتۃ الی تیپو) November, 1750, Devanahalli - May 4, 1799, Srirangapattana), also known as the Tiger of Mysore epithet, is de facto ruler of the Sultanate of Mysore in India in the year 1782 (in when his father died) to his death in the year 1799.

Because according to legend, can not be certain what the original shape of this sword. Here are two versions of them.
But in general it is believed that the Excalibur is the sword Claymore manifold.
Who would not know at the Excalibur. This legendary sword is the sword belongs to the King Arthur.Dan according to legend; this sword has magical powers that gave him the right of British rule. In the language of the sword was named Caledfwlch Wales.
Excalibur's name comes from the ancient French language Excalibor, which comes from the Latin Caliburnus.
In the legend of Arthur, there are two stories about the origin of this sword. The first is the legendary "Sword in the Stone", first appeared in the poetry of Robert de Boron Merlin, in which Excalibur from the stone may be withdrawn only by persons who are entitled to become king, which is Arthur.
In the second version, which appeared in the Suite du Merlin, Arthur receives Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake after his first sword broken in battle against King Pellinore.

Similar to Excalibur, no one knows the form of his sword.
For the people of Japan, the legendary sword Kusanagi is the equivalent of Excalibur. His full name is Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass Cutting Sword"). According to legend, the sword is obtainable by a god named Susanoo cut the tail while it is the fourth of a dragon-headed monsters and eight-tailed, Yamato-No-Orochi.
Then dedicated to the goddess Ameterasu. He says the sword is kept at Atsuta Shrine, but until now no one outside the temple, except the emperor, who had seen this sword.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Costa Rica, and the America Hotel Choice

Are you planning to go to Costa Rica and need a place to live? You will find that there are many American hotels named and comfortable stay. It's a good idea for those who do not want to be a traditional experience of Costa Rica.
You can try to go first at the Marriott Hotel (located in San Jose) so you can get a nice view to wake up every morning, including 30 aces coffee plantations. The interior is beautifully decorated with antiques to create an elegant and relaxed. You'll also notice that the land is the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see when you start looking for volcanoes, tropical forests and many local attractions, but you can always return to the Marriott Hotel in welfare for some comfort as you wish.
It is an ideal place to relax from the day with two beautiful outdoor pool or Palmas Wellness and Spa. While staying at the Marriott, you'll enjoy a first class restaurant and lounge, and you'll also receive the mountain scenery. Here you will find valet parking, safe and mini bar in each room, and you'll also be able to benefit from the use of the Internet, so you can keep with the spirit world. refresh your bedroom at night and offers a free daily.
There are many honeymoon packages if you go to Costa Rica as a new bride. This package is $ 329 per night, breakfast restaurant in Antigua, a bottle of conch and Toro on arrival and fresh cut roses and brought to your room each morning. You can also enjoy the Pura Vida massage and you'll love the time you spend welfare Palms and Spa. Then the evening, enjoy an intimate dinner for two at the Spanish restaurant La Isabela.
You might also want something a little more your style. Choose La Quinta de Sarapiqui Lodge. You'll find that you want to get a reservation for your flights, taxis, rental car and if you go by the hotels. There are 23 rooms, each has its fans, the terrace and hot water. You can also enjoy the local pool, and an insect museum, known locally as Jewels "of the humid tropics, there is also a butterfly garden, frog garden, and recovery programs. If you like bird watching you will love this hotel because it has the ideal destination for nature lovers.
If you happen to always find a good hotel, you can see that the Four Seasons Resort will be more than willing to accommodate you. You will find this hotel in the isthmus of the Pacific, but surrounded by golden beaches and some of the best areas of the beach in Costa Rica. You'll also have a golf course, pools and spas can provide all the fun you need to relax. All rooms and suites are best made of wood and stone. You will be able to find a class with style when you come to the Four Seasons.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology at OXIS International

All people believe that health is the most precious treasure we have. Imagine if we are sick, how much revenue that we get will be in vain, and how much money we spend on treatment. The most important factor of our health that immunity for all types of viruses, free radicals, and other diseases. To overcome that, we need to increase endurance, antioxidant and defensive capabilities. One way is to use products to combat the harmful effects of free radicals. In human life, especially in a city full of challenges and demands of jobs, many workers experience various problems, including stress. So today I want to share with all our readers about Awesome company to prevent and treat illness especially stresses. They come with an R & D to stress really believes the best companies to supply medicines worldwide.

OXIS international, Inc. influence product research is, - development and - sale of the pressure of the participation resisting „oxidized malicious “. The pressure oxidized mentioned that the oxidation resistance body and other defense ability and the situation of the free radical (to a high degree simply also called, to react to kind combat oxygen and - nitrogen) and your normal health loses balanced or is weakened strictly to be sunk. Its product the interior is developed inclusively and/or becomes the biotechnology and the enterprise work as medicine candidate’ permitted; nutraceutical product of the s-treatment, cosmeceutical product and private formulation and clinical product. Closed in their products are anti-aging, Antioxydant (Antioxidants are compounds that prevent oxidation by free radicals. Antioxidants can be vitamins, minerals, or enzymes for anti aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stock & free radicals), Glutathion, cheap shares and products of the free radical.

Because they are perhaps safe and effective are, they concentrate us in the protection material spontaneous production. OXIS international, Inc primary product mixes and emphasizes many “The super oxidation resistance “the means, L-Ergothioneine a key component takes.

To get to know about Oxis you can examine it out where approximately on their official site, or join them on Oxis on facebook and Oxis on Twitter. Therefore, try to live healthy and consume foods or supplements containing Glutathione.