Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tricks to Maximize Your Revenue From PTC Site

In addition to the primary key of seriousness and discipline that you take a few minutes a day. Maybe some of the following tricks will help to increase your income.
Often Try to log in every day to log into the website program you follow, because there are some ads that are only valid for one day only, and do not miss even a single penny that you do not pick up in one day. It all depends on you, because it should be noted that there is no obligation to log in every day.
Joined many PTC programs at once While waiting period of 30 seconds to see the ad page provided by PTC, you can open a page of other ads from other PTC programs. If you can open from 5 PTC for 5 pages at once in one time why must open them one by one. Is not it also saves you time, but remember not to want to open because of the many programs at one time, ended up making slow your connection, which actually will make you lose a lot of time because lemotnya connection.
Use Browser beta To facilitate open PTC 5 pages at once, the authors suggest to use the browser's beta version, where you can open multiple pages in just a windows only. You can use Mozilla firefox, opera and google chrome as well as your browsing software.
Find Downline / referral As the author lay out just now that referrals have big share in your success in PTC. Each time you register on PTC sites must get a referral URL links and command that your friends or anyone to join this program by signing up through your referral link. Promote via email, mailing lists, forums, IM and of course you can write it on your blog.  

The most effective way to get a referral is to write an article about this program on your blog so that people will register from the link posted on your blog. You can also buy referrals on PTC sites if you have money and lazy to seek referrals manually. But of course it will take some of your money. But no problem if you can smile after seeing the results. Is not for success requires sacrifice.
Upgrade your account function of this upgrade is to make you a premium member is where you will get a lot of ads in one day and in every click commission also found more than a regular member.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


PTC sites are one of the major sources of revenue for people who earn money from Internet. PTC in full mean “Paid to Click”. PTC sites are sites that provide money for clicking Ads. Generally the money which these sites pay are from 0.02$ to 0.005$. But if you browse through the web, there are many people who earn hundreds of dollars a month using these sites. Many will be surprised how these people earn money just by clicking four or 5 Ads per day. This article provides information of how these people earn money from PTC sites like Neobux.

Getting Started with PTC sites

To get started with earning money from PTC sites, one should know that what ever you see in Internet is not true. There are hundreds of spam sites in Web which just take your time and don’t even pay a penny. So just wasting time in those sites is like wasting your time in Internet. There are only some few genuine sites in internet like Neobux, Onbux, ViewbestAds that pay. But it is not necessary that these will be paying always and may close any time. There is no control over these sites. They may disappear any time. So there should be some careful planning and thinking that should be thought before joining these sites.

Identifying the trusted PTC sites

Identify the best PTC sites that are in Internet. This is very difficult to find out if you are fresher in Web. Learn from the people who have already experienced them. Don’t believe in ads or banners. You can believe the payment proofs from paypal where you can see users do upload to their sites. Some of the genuine PTC sites are Neobux, Viewbestads which is an Indian PTC etc. We have shared a few in the site Money Trials where you can check them out.

Check the Minimum Payout

Check the minimum payout of these PTC sites and how they pay. Some sites pay through paypal, some pay through alertpay. An ideal PTC site is a site which pays minimum payout of 2 to 3$. Neobux has minimum payout as 3$.Similar are Buxjunction and Onbux. Join these sites as these sites have good number of reviews.

Think before Upgrading in PTC sites

Many people earn money from PTC sites only through referrals. The more are the referrals, the more is your chance to earn money. There are two types of referral system in PTC sites. They are
  • Rented Referrals
  • Direct Referrals
Rented Referrals are provided by site owner itself. According to my analysis, renting referrals without upgrading and with less number of direct referrals is useless. If you have good number of direct referrals, then think of rented referrals in PTC sites as they generate good revenue for you. Also while hiring rented referrals see who actually click ads. Some rented referrals never work.
Direct Referrals are people who joined under you with your referral link. If you are a good leader and have people who are ready to learn from you, then you can have a good number of followers. Having more direct referrals gives more chances of earning from PTC sites

Earning from PTC sites

Earning from PTC sites is not an easy task. These sites can be closed any time and you may lose your time and money. But people still believe in some genuine PTC sites like Neobux which are there from years. There are hundreds of people who have upgraded in Neobux. Upgrading in PTC sites is nothing but getting more money from referral clicking, from your ad clicking etc.

Sample Chain for PTC sites

Here is a sample way how PTC sites work for you
Suppose you have 20 direct referrals under you, see below how much you earn per month. Suppose the site pays 0.01$ per click
Per Day
You click  5 ads  ———– You earn 0.05$ from your clicks
Your friends 20*5              You earn 1$ from them
Total Earnings per day               1.05$ (this is only for 20 friends. Think if you have 200 direct referrals)
This is how people earn money from PTC sites. Start using PTC sites like Neobux wisely and earn good money