Tips following Paid To Click Program

I assume you are now enrolled in the PTC program for free that lets you earn a dollar and you may now ask how to earn more money from PTC programs?
The answer is easy (word experts;-in my opinion RELATIVE;-depending on your perseverance and unyielding SPIRIT), which obviously you must be disciplined and willing to spend 5 minutes a day of goods for one program (if you join many PTC program).
OK... straight out, here are some tips & tricks to increase your revenue dollars to the program Paid to Click (PTC):
1. LOGIN every day; CLICK as much as possible.
Login each day to immediately see the latest ad. Why? Because sometimes there are ads that are only valid for one day, so, try to log in every day so do not fall behind the new ad. Click on all ads and ad There can be clicked because it adopts PTC

"The more ads you click, the more money you make in a day."
2. JOIN other PTC programs at once.
While waiting 30 seconds to validate your ad pages from one PTC site, you can open a page of other ads from other PTC sites you follow. If you can open a 3-6 page at a time of some PTC program, why not? Save time)
3. Downline / REFERRAL as much as possible.
With a system of referrals, each downline or referrals you click, you'll also get the dollars as well although not as big when you click on their own. The average revenue earned from PTC referral is $ 0.005/click/referral. What happens if you have a referral hundreds or even thousands of people?
Want to be a referral koq hell? The principle is equally lucky. Referral to get info about PTC ptogram you follow and you get a "reply" in the form of $ (though not much) because it has been informed.
4.UPGRADE account!
Almost all PTC program has 2 membership. FREE member to PREMIUM member.What is The difference? Usually the number of ads that are displayed and the value of $ per clicks. For example:
- FREE members get 10 ads per day rate to $ 0.01/klik/ads
- PREMIUM members get 20 ads per day with a rate of $ 0.02/klik/ads
Already know? So, if you have the money (can be in your paypal account or credit card), do the upgrade-i-organization of this. With dollar upgrade that you get from each click will be higher.
Hopefully useful ..
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