Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Total Quality Management

TQM is an approach in running a business that tries to maximize organizational competitiveness through continuous improvement on products, services, people, process, and the environment .

TQM is a major destination for Reorientation of management system, the behavior of staff, a focus on organization and processes of service providers so that services institutions can be in better, more effective services that meet the needs, wants and needs customers

Main benefits of the implementation of TQM in the public sector is the improvement of service, cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Progressive improvement in the quality management system and services generate increased customer satisfaction. In addition, another benefit that can be seen is the increase in expertise, enthusiasm and confidence among the staff of public service, repairing the relationship between the government and its people, increasing accountability and transparency in government and increasing productivity and efficiency of public services.

TQM can only be achieved by considering the following characteristics:

1. Focus on customers satisfied, both internal and external customers.

2. Have the obsession of high quality.

3. Using a scientific approach in decision making and problem-solving.

4. Have long-term commitment.

5. Requires team cooperation (teamwork).

6. Improve the process on an ongoing basis.

7. Conducting education and training.

8. Providing the freedom restrained.

9. Own goal unit.

10. Involvement and empowerment of employees.

Principles be guided by the TQM include:
1) campaign that focuses on environmental quality,
2) introduction of customer satisfaction as a key indicator of quality and
3) changes in the system, behavior and processes in order to run a repair step for step, and continuously to the goods and services provided by an organization.

Environments that focus on quality is an organization where the services are tailored to the needs and purposes with the customer and cost affordable to a consensus among the members of the organization. The core approach of this kind is the level of customer service satisfaction, which in itself shows the effectiveness of services.

The key to overcoming the above challenges is to promote changes in the behavior management system and service provider organizations. This includes building commitment for change, promoting the participation of all stakeholders and empower the team work. Commitment to change the approach to the organization in terms of services starting from senior level managers, but the change itself that applicated by all staff at all layers.

TQM in order to succeed, both the client and the team must work to become active partners in development services. In particular, so that customers must be satisfied then the staff have the necessary expertise and have a sense of service. Employees at all levels must be trained in flexibility to meet customer needs, both in and outside the organization.

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