Thursday, September 3, 2009


Let's do an experiment ...

Turn off all lights and take your room a candle.
Blame it to light candles and watch
backward ... you will find is a black body
a very large body shape resembling that no other
is your own shadow.

You realize that the small lamp of wax has been shown
you would your own shadow?

Big shadow always follow you and will always be
there is in you, these things ARE JUST NOT LOOKING
until you are blaming a candle lantern that will realize
you will be so.

There PART within yourself that resembles the object that
Another was called the DARK SIDE or THE DARK SIDE. Psychologists
call it ID, or The Demon which is basically
form of self-indulgence, lust, GREED and selfishness.

This will not be seen UNTIL you blame "a small candle lantern"
your heart that you will be aware of your DARK SIDE.

With the awareness that no matter how small, will be very
useful for you to BE SEEN and CONTROL
"The dark side of you" than you are controlled by it.

NO PLACE SPECIAL SATISFACTION all lust for the dark side of you,
but if you do not control him to place
in place, then the dark side of life you will destroy

War, Rape, Abuse, Murder, and Behavior
Anarchist WHICH IS based on the selfishness of the lack of
ability of someone to SEE and CONTROL dark side

Someone who becomes the victim will make a darker side of life
their own misery, full of problems and full of drama.

Therefore, it is good you will RECOGNIZE the
the dark side of yourself to identify with what it
desires based on your PASSION will only
ruin your life.

Take a piece of paper and write REALLY all desire -
whatever you desire it PASSION INCLUDING things SHAME
Acknowledge. Take a good look at your own writings and UNDERSTAND what
will TAKE you become a better man, and WHERE the
will only make you more immersed in your dark side.

And always remember that the dark side may manifest itself
noise-whisper as you pat on the head ... By the time you want to take
a decision, then your head will be filled with whispers,
debate and battle between dark and light side of the heart
who wants to save you from the dark side.

Dark side filled with sweet words are very tempting
for you choose, while the lamp is not as sweet as liver dark side
EVEN sometimes difficult to run.

The dark side of fast but promises instant gratification, while the lamp
to offer long-term satisfaction that will not be seen
after you take a few phases.

It takes maturity to think and WISDOM to be
actually holding fluctuations sweet dark side which basically DIFFICULT
to be rejected. Even most of the men had made the dark side
they are as addictive substances that will always be to direct them
to destruction.

Whatever RESULTS from whatever you do is RESPONSIBILITIES
your own. And RESULTS you get it based on ACTION
you who come from the decisions you make based on the dark side
(dark side) or a light heart (conscience).

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