Sunday, November 8, 2009


Written by: Anne Ahira


"A piece of thread is actually just is in your mind! "

There is a true story about an elephant.
Since childhood he had chained his legs
with a length of 4 meters along the chain.

What happens when the chain was replaced by a thread?

Elephants were still around & not dare to step out of the area
the circle is 4 meters!

From this story, what lessons can we take?

Sorry, I do not mean to equate ourselves with an elephant. :-)

But may be, we have the 'keterbelengguan' with a rope
that binds us!

We do not dare get out of the zone considered comfortable.
Although real,we can do many great things from our estimate!

Let us be honest to yourself,how many opportunities the truth
present, passing in front of you, but You do not care about?

You might consider the opportunity that'too high' for you, and
felt did not belong there.

Or maybe you even feel able to do that when
have never tried it?

We all know, everything that
according to our 'so great', often
not always as we imagine.

Or things that we think is difficult,sometimes actually very easy!

There are two keys in this case:

1. You will be able to if you think you can
2. You will fail if you think fail

So, do not blame anyone if success has not approached us.
Therefore, the main factor lies in the ourselves.

Therefore, consider the carefully, and ask yourself,
Is there a thread that has been imprison ourselves for this?

If yes, then immediately to cut the string!

Try to move forward from the circle as we make and have
imprison ourselves!

Opportunity is actually always present anytime.
However, because we always just close your eyes, ears, and minds
us, then it will miss opportunities just like that!

If you are still hesitant to step, try to practice it
little by little. And if you already convinced,
then immediately ran quick, get out of your circle.

If you already like this, then who else the benefit,
if not your own? :-)

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