Sunday, November 8, 2009

Step toward a positive life

Maybe we've often heard the expression about the benefits of positive thinking. Indeed, according to some studies found that positive people tend to live happier and healthier. However, with the social environment and the thoughts going through our heads, it was not easy to constantly maintain a positive attitude. However, for a good purpose it could not hurt if we try the best. Here are some guidelines steps to maintain a positive attitude.
1. Begin step by step
Sometimes when want change, we want to change everything completely. Rather than change the whole, better improve gradually. Make changes step by step it has a great opportunity to get maximum results.
2. Talking to yourself
Among full week of our time for activities, spend a day just to feel the closeness with yourself. Listen carefully to your heart. Pecayalah that you will feel surprised when I discovered how hard you are to yourself. Digest any expression of conscience and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
3. Stop comparing
Naturally, if we see others as the standard, but do not necessarily make you compare their lives with your own life. Comparing the relationship with the partner and the job you have with what others have to strike hard just your pride. Looking at the strengths of others will only develop the fantasy that it will encourage you fall into a feeling of self-celebration.
4. Self advice
Most people tend to be more adept at resolving problems of others than to fix the problem themselves. If you managed to entertain a friend who is afflicted with problems, ask him what had made him feel comforted. Next time if you have problems, maybe your comfort can be useful for yourself.
5. Prioritizing your self
If you are more often put self-interest in the final sequence, should ever do something for yourself. Prioritize their own interests at the end of the sequence will usually push your self-pity, that it encourages the emergence of a sense of frustration. If anger is the anger builds up, just the people you love that will become the outlet for resentment. Occasional selfishness will only maintain the balance and bring better results for you and people you care about.
6. Focusing on your self
Grow your awareness if you can not change others, but you can change yourself. This method helps you release emotional problems.
7. Take time to play
Every person must have the child in him. Embrace side once again. Has the effect of improving the play of emotions. Curiosity more constructive than criticism. Develop behaviors such as children clashed with the problem, better ask how the workings of your computer than angry because other people better than you.
8. Ask for support from friends
We do not always able to maintain morale. It would be nice if you ask the help of friends to support mememberikan. Tell your trusted friends if you're improving your attitude and let him provide support. Ask his opinion about how you react terhasap an emotional problem.
9. Enjoy the process
Purpose in life is an important point to be achieved. But instead of spikes to make us ignore process. Dream of what the objectives you will only make that dream only in the clouds. But only act step by step that will bring you closer to what you want to achieve.
10. Do not forget to give thanks
Sometimes we forget how much we have in this life. Actually realize the blessings that we receive it will bring bright color in life itself. Begin to make notes every day happy. Remember three things you should be grateful for all day that passes, it will make you more appreciative of life.
If positive life can make us happier and healthier, I think we all deserve to work on that. And may ten guidelines can help you to do so.

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