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Usefulness of the debit card Payooner

I think this is important. With this card, you can use it for online and offline transactions, to Verify Paypal and Paypal account withdrawal, may also receive payments from certain online business that you follow. In addition, this card also can be used to withdraw money at ATMs and MasterCard logo to shop.

Last but not least, you have Mastercard card number that can be used to attend some free trial products that require charging a credit card number. -If you're looking for online business, debit cards will greatly help your business.

This card is issued by one bank in the USA, namely but we can not order directly at the bank. we have a list of websites in one partner, ie : FriendFinder is a friendship site, this mode is only a strategy to get free Mastercard.
You no charge at all or FREE. I myself have gotten this card, is now being filled, not only in the FriendFinder but at other online businesses.

Anyway usefulness of this card is to verify our Paypal account. If that did not have a Paypal account please register Now these days are busy talking about Virtual Credit Card (VCC), which serves to verify, the price is varied. With this Payoneer debit card so we can verify your Paypal account is FREE and can withdraw the balance at ATMs worldwide that MasterCard logo!

Immediately, to the point, remember do not go directly to the website because Payoneer not currently receive a personal registration for Indonesia, so consider the following step by step to get this Payoneer card:

First Steps
• Click this link to go to FriendFinder .com site.
Then click on the link "Join Now"

After clicking the link above, please do the registration, fill in your name, gender, etc. according to which there is in the form.
• After registering right then open the email to verify your friends through email and get the password.
Well, the first step is completed, the brothers already have an account at

The second step
• Once your account got FriendFinder, affiliates program list, click on this link Friendfinder Affiliate.
After the open pages site follow the steps below.

Click on the link 'Affiliates' as shown in the picture above
2. Click: 'Affliate sign up'
3. Preferred courses: fill with 'no.1 Permember payout'
4. First name: fill in your first name
5. Last name: fill in your last name
6. URL: the URL of your website content, who don’t have one, create a blog first.
7th. Desired password: fill with your desired password
8. Newsletter Preferred language: English
9. Email Address: fill in your email address
10. Secondary email: If you don’t have, no need to be filled
11. Checks payable to: Your Name
12. Street Address: fill your home with a clear address (To this address your Mastercard debit cards will be sent from New York)
13. City: content with the City / County where you live
14. State / province: the contents of the province where you live
15. Zip / Postal code: fill it with your home zip code
16. Tax id: blank
17. Business classification: Individual
18. Phone number: fill with no home or your mobile phone
19. Instant messenger: No.
20. Use e passporte: No.
21. Make sure properly filled after completion 'click here for the last step'
22. Click 'Submit' (checklist before approval box)
23. URL addresses are listed there, your replica web site (note this address, because you'll use to campaign).
24. Click 'Account information' which is on the right side of the web and then comes your account information.
25. Click 'here' (blue) to update your information relating to the payment via payoneer.

26. Click 'sign up to be paid by prepaid Mastercard' (underlined and blue) you will be directed to make a Mastercard debit card.
27. Click 'Get your prepaid Mastercard now'.
28. Follow and content of each stage and check the appropriate box with you.
29. Last section you will be asked to fill in ID, fill it with no: ID card / driving license or your passport.
Once completed registration, you will receive a verification email from payoneer and
Just follow this step by step.
After registering at Payoneer we have to wait approximately 2-3 business days to get an email account if we are accepted or not. After approve a debit card will be sent approximately 2-3 weeks to our address, If your debit card Mastercard already received (approximately three weeks after registration) do not forget make an activation, and then promote your website replica.

NB: Make a list that already Payoneer do not enter into ATM debit card before your account is activated through Payoneer site. Paypal verification can be done after the card is filled Payoneer min 2 USD, because Paypal will withdraw $ 2 for the verification process. Then how I'll fill Payoneer account? yes obviously by running FriendFinder affiliate or other program use Payoneer as a means of payment for example, etc.

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