Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Imagine a car. It takes four wheels to operate simultaneously in order to make the car run. If one wheel off, then the car can not run.
This SAME WITH SUCCESS if you want to achieve, whether it is about Career, Relationship, of Finance, or anything else you want.
It takes four wheels for success!

What are these wheels?

The wheel is: Learn, Practice, Apply, Repeat

Practice is practice phase THEORY,
Is the phase PRACTICES APPLY make it into your self SECTION
Repeat the phase learn from mistakes and repeat the process

Many people who ask me why they did not get RESULTS visit from what they do. And With easy it to them I can EXPLAIN WHY they do not get results.

Most people do phase JUST LEARN, LEARN, and LEARN ... They do NOT THE SAME ONCE Practice, Apply, let alone Repeat. In other words, they just THEORETICAL.

Well, if you are one person who behaved so, try to realize that with only LEARN, success will not by itself from DUE TO THE SKY! ... You take ACTION by doing Practice, APPLY and Repeat!

I give an example:

Remember the time you learn the lesson high school junior or ACCOUNTING? THAT TIME ... maybe you think that the lesson of his accounting IMPORTANT NOT EVEN so not important at all BECAUSE you think that is a SIGNIFICANT COMPUTER LESSONS, because later you will HAVE HIGH SALARY CAREER with if you become PROGRAMMER.

Then what happened? ... After you REALLY so PROGRAMMER, you realize you can not finance you for SET not understand at all about ACCOUNTING.

SUCH experience makes you realize that actually it was VERY NECESSARY accounting lessons.

Same as PROCESS Repeat, where you learn THEORY and try the field, the field can sometimes EXPERIENCE you look at the changing notions such THEORIES.

What was your thought MEANING THEORY is A, then when you try on the field and gain experience, then TURN the theory is that the meaning of B, which you can not realize it if you are NOT practicing in the field and LEARN from your EXPERIENCE.

In other words, you can SEE MORE IN REVIEW EXPERIENCE a theory based on your field! ... NEW English called Insights.

Therefore, the ME-PHASE REVIEW repeat back all field experience that has become your CHARACTER, and repeat the process Processing BACK TO LEARN, LEARN MORE However, the process THEORY ADVANCED because you have learned, now has a deeper meaning because the New Insights you get from your EXPERIENCE.

So, if you want to SUCCEED, remember the process, namely: LEARN, Practice, APPLY and repeat ... Then from Repeat, repeat the process again to LEARN.

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