Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Meaning of Love

Love is a beautiful thing that we all want. Everyone always wants to have someone who they desire to chime in one love.
Unfortunately, many are difficult to make the opposite sex fall in love. For men in particular, this is the hardest hit because Men are required to have the initiative to initiate steps to make the opposite sex fall in love.
There is a secret about the process of falling in love that if you understand, you can be more effective to make the Women's Fall In Love to you.
LouAnne Brizendine, an expert on mental nerve more than 20 years studying brain circuits, said:
"Love is one of the Irrational behavior brain. The brain becomes * Not Logical * Literally Blind and will be the deficiencies of the Beloved. "
Helen Fisher, a scientist researching neurological romance and love on brain function, said:
"Love is the most terrible sensation around the world. People around the world would fall in love, they think for the sake of love, they dance for love, they talk about love, they live for love, they kill for love, and they die for love. "
Two sample sentence above brings us to one conclusion, love is very beautiful and blinding love The Lover shortcomings.
If a woman Love to you, all you whatever shortcomings it will not be seen by him. She'll love you with really.
Love is basically a form of strong emotion or feeling, which, according to Helen Fisher when the activities described are 3 parts in the human brain and the mixing of four chemicals in the brain that is: Dopamine, Seretonin, Estrogen and Testosterone THAT produces 3 Emotions that if combined would make one Falling in Love. Emotions are interested, Comfort, and Inner Relations.
In other words:
Interested Comfortable Inner = Fall In Love Relationships
Interested mean INTERESTED her to enter into the guy's life interesting.
Convenient means the woman BELIEVE to Open yourself to the man.
Inner relationship means a woman indifferent to the inner attachment to the man.
If one of the three components of the LOST, then love will not be formed. Let's see what will happen if we remove one of these components.
Interested in Comfort (without Inner Relations) = Ordinary Friend
This is what often happens, the woman was interested in and comfortable, but the man did not build a deeper inner connection to be able to make the women feel the bitter-bitter love to be able to fall in love. Be their friends.
Interested Inner Relationship (but not comfortable) = Fans While
It is also common. The Men and Women INTERESTED each other and feel a deep inner connection. But unfortunately the man DIRECT feel too confident to declare his love without making the woman COMFORTABLE and BELIEVE to get to know him more closely. The woman with the automatic will feel uncomfortable that eventually backed away from man.
Comfortable Inner Relationship (but not Interested) = Brother / Sister
Now that is funny: The Women are very comfortable and has a strong inner connection, but the woman HAS NOT Attracted by the man to become her lover. At the moment, the man declared his love, then the lady would say that they are better suited to be brother / sister only.
Therefore, the three blend emotion is vital to make a woman fall in love.
Once you know the FORMULA in love, you need to know how to make women INTERESTED, WITH INNER COMFORTABLE and have with you.

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