Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Blog is My Money Field

My blog is my money field. Off Course, is the money is yours? Or your blog is the field of my money? : Lol: * confused it .. no idea:?::!:
Well, whatever it is, this paper is still unfinished. Wait on the game yes. Want to sleep first: oops: have you read and practice READY!!!!......

My Blog is my Money Field
Ok, as I promised  1 month ago (what?!!) That this paper will be updated. The latest version is not far from the topic around my blog is my money field. You could have laughed at that argument. But, this is true. I am not a player MLM (Multi Level Marketing). I'm just a blogger who tries to seek sustenance through the media that called BLOG.
There are several things you should look in an effort to make your blog as a money field. Among them:
1.You should have a blog (yes off course .. are you should have fields?: Lol:) 

2.After have a blog, be diligent to update the content or writing. Try not to copy-paste round of the article. Make it as unique as possible and have a specific topic. 
3. Look  to other blogs that match your interests. Leave a comment there; an appropriate and courteous manner. Do not forget to fill out the form with the address of your blog's URL. 
4.For getting the idea of writing, you can look at Free Articles Directory. 
5.Registered your blog to Google Webmaster Tools. 
6.Submit to bookmarking sites like Digg,  etc.

What are six steps above can guarantee your blog will be a field of money? Not yet buddy. Nothing is instant in this world (with the exception of instant noodles: P). You should develop your blog first. 6 ways above is a knowledge base to develop the blog and will gradually bring in visitors.
Having considered (usually marked by the increasing number of visitors, the blog has been lookups by google etc). You can go to the next stage. Namely:

4. And Focus....
See The point? The point is, you should focus on the content  of your blog. Actually, the problem is not too jumbled. However, it would be better if you specify one of the main topics for your blog. We take the example, you select the topic of Business Online or on the procedure to get dollars through the internet.
So? Well, if you discuss is about how to get dollars in the online world, of course you will write how or producing programs of dollars on your blog. Right? Most of the programs on the internet, whether it's pay per click, paid review, sell links, paid to click, etc., they usually provide the affiliate or referral. Referral means, you will earn a profit if it invites others to join in the program you follow.
You also can play pay per click. The most famous, of course Google Adsense. There are many programs that you can actually follow and share. If I personally encourage you to learn and read the Adsense forum-ID. At the forum, you will find lots of tips and tricks regarding the procedure to make my blog is my money field.

One thing is for sure, no dozing term money. You have to work and learn and pray to change your blog into a money field.


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