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The Art of Complimenting Woman

Ha? What is this?
The Art of Complimenting Woman?

Do not we have to "Keep VALUE" front womanwith NOT PRAISE HIM? Is not if a woman is praised,then he will be a BIG HEAD and we assumeSlut? Is not praise it the old way that is notfair and * conflicts * with the way EMOTION work?
In the book "how to win friends and influencepeople "written by Dale Carnegie said that:
"The needs and requirements of the most sought BASICmany people in her social is PRAISE "
Right? All the people WANT, FIND LOVE and PRAISE,Even people who claim to NOT want to be praised evenPRAISE hopes by saying he "did not wantcommended ".
LIKE EVERYONE complimented.
Well if everyone likes praised INCLUDING WOMEN,why do not we praise them?
But his praise is not praise that makes usseem to be * very * need or NEEDY.
Therefore, we MUST 
first know which PRAISE
that REDUCE VALUE, and which ones PRAISE can
increase the VALUE ... 
If you have all praised the women but theirrespond to mediocre or even TURN-OFF,mean your praise is  WRONG praise.
Then How the RIGHT?
It is a concept that I gave the name "The Artof complimenting Woman ".
FIRST THING you should notice is BRAINyou can feel the energy of a negative or positiveBRAIN others who are communicating with you.In other words, your suspicions could DIRECTfeel if you catch from people NEGATIVE EMOTIONSothers who talk with you via BODYLANGUAGE, facial expression and intonation of his voice.
Women's 10x more sensitive in reading body languageand EMOTIONS. Therefore, women can FEELif your compliment is praise or compliments HONESTwho WANT to get something from him.
Examples of praise WANT to get something:
Men: You're really pretty cool ... [With a smiling faceand waiting for a reply from the woman]
Woman: Thanks ... [Give answers because they FEELawaited the answer]
Viewed from the example above, the man said "you are beautifulreally deh "and then gave a smile and faceWAITING for the woman answers ... it signifies the MaleGETTING COMPLIMENTS to give gratitudefrom the Women and TRY to make the woman becomesLIKE with the man.
That * SIGNS * that the man giving praise forGETTING something, namely a sense of gratitude from theThe woman, who he thought was a "way" to makeLIKE a woman with him.
But not so, It's called PRAISE takes charge.
For those of you who are working, try to notice whenYour boss came and chatted with theemployees, see who's the Boss employee PRAISE need to pay ...
Well then how about an HONEST PRAISE?
Example 1:
You: You're pretty cool ... [with a serious face, halfsmile and NOT expect answers nothing]
And without waiting for an answer, straight talk aboutMore ...
Example 2:
Girl: Would you please grab the file please ...  

You: [help the woman] is the file ... [half-smile andwithout the NEED to go straight from the word thanks from Female]
Example 3:
The situation was dinner
Girl: [spoon fell] yah spoon fall ...
You: [take a spoon and give it to the woman]This ... careful next time [serious face, half smilesand NOT expect the words to thank and directtalk about something else]
See a difference?
Things that seem the same but VERY-VERY DIFFERENT.
If you give an honest compliment, then the responseto be provided is RESPECT for WomenThat is called BEING A Gentlemen. If youPRAISE want, GUARDING, or loved HELPINGLadies, DO NO NEED that his gratitudeor wanted something from him. Be a PE-Mujiwith a sincere compliment without desire reversedyour praise.
Well then what if you PRAISE with HONESTbut the response of women "assume" you are NOT PRAISEwith HONEST and just wanted something from him?
Example 1:
You: You're beautiful today ... [Honest]Girl: Yeah ... already many are saying anyway, anyways I'vehave a guy who often praise me ... [Take your complimentas a tool for making the same she LIKE you]
Example 2: This  happened by one of my best friend ... that time we werebe in a club and a woman who * is not too* looks beautiful standing alone and my best friend sayhello:
A: eh, are you longer own? It is Better  we chat together.....[This honest invitation from my friend who just wants to be bersosialand does not intend to show love for the woman.]
Girl: oh that? Are you want to DANCE? Yes there already! PLEASE do it your OWN! [The woman thinks that's just my friend Preamble which ends want to invites the girl DANCE]
Example 3:
You: I really like you ... cool ... [honest]
Girl: Yes! Whatever lah...!

[Become a big headache because praised and dismissed the praise of honest]
Well then what we MUST do when things like this happen?
Do something called PUSH-pull
Examples of cases back and forth according to the above:
Example 1:
You: You're beautiful today ... [honest]
Girl: Yes already many are saying, anyways I've had a guy whoI often praise kok ... [consider you as a compliment tools to make the same she LIKE you]
>> YOU: Oh nice cool ... so I  don't need to praise you again!
Example 2:
A: uh, whether you're alone? we better talk
[This honest invitation from my friend who justwant bersosial only and do not intend to showliking to the woman.]
Girl: oh that? Do you want to DANCE? Yes there already! PLEASE do it your  OWN! [The woman thinks that's just my friend Preamble which ends want to invites the girlDANCE]
>> A: lho? you THINK  i just want to DANCE with you?
Girl: [nervous and embarrassed] mmm ... no!
A: yes already, good you finally realize..  I just want to chat ... by the way, what is your name?
--- The rest can be no doubt anymore ---
Example 3:
You: I really like it you ... cool ... [honest]
Girl: yea! Whatever la! [Become a big headache becausepraised and dismissed the praise of honest]
>> YOU: hahaha apparently ... I pull my greeting deh ...
PUSH-pull clay how to work?
You Praising> Respondnya Good> Forward Praising
You Praising> Respondnya bitchy> Give the "little"Punishment with "a little" Mocked
That is BASIC from "The Art of complimentingWoman, "now let us discuss in more depth.
Remember activating Broca's region and RectacularExisting system in the human brain? The point is not to do somethingby CONSTANT, but always had to change and the TAK changeUNPREDICTABLE.
So when giving a compliment, do this:
Praise, praise, praise, ridicule, ridicule, praise, ridicule, praise, praise,taunted, jeered etc.
Do PRAISE continuously ... and at the praise,make sure you PRAISE QUALITY.
What kind of a compliment of quality?
We will discuss the time on the other.
Then when you give a little derision butANGRY him what to do? Let's see:

Was the woman really ANGRY?
Or * just * give to your TEST?
If he's REALLY mad, then you are WRONGtaunting him. Ridicule that I do not mean * insult *but it is a known Tools* Flirt *
Flirting is * taunts * which can growCHEMISTRY.
Then How can I flirt with the truth?
We discuss the time on the other.

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