Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nikon Coolpix P6000

Friends are fun for those who like to display photographs online.
Fever during the Facebook and other social networking sites today, would have liked to normal if each of its members display photos on their account. Nature of "narcissistic" everyone seems to make the digital camera market remains crowded at any time. Now, for the love traveling, it might be enamored with the series semiprofessional from Nikon this time, the COOLPIX P6000. This is one of the few digital cameras that includes a facility to mark the GPS location where the photo was found.
Quite interesting is not it?
Although classified as a class of compact, design P6000 with about 4 cm thick and weighs ¼ kg is not very practical. However, remained steady grip makes this camera well grasped by one hand. This great little size that's understandable considering the number of promoted P6000 features, including a holder for an external flash (hot shoe), a dial button to adjust the typical settings for photography, and five function buttons / menu on the left. In addition, there is still the same as the companion screen viewfinder LCD 2.7 ". Viewfinder is presumably reserved for those who still like activity through the viewing window or viewfinder to save battery by disabling the LCD.

To support the needs of those who already understand the photography, the P6000 which uses the CCD sensor with 13.5 total mega pixels resolution was given quite a lot of features, ranging from automatic mode to shoot PASM option for manual settings. The camera also provides a menu in the Indonesian language provides 48 MB of internal memory which can contain two RAW format images or seven high-resolution JPEG images. To prevent blurred images caused by turbulence, as usual puts Nikon Vibration Reduction function (VR), which is quite useful especially in low lighting conditions.

However, please note that the VR feature will not be effective for photographing moving objects. Ability which is only 4x optical zoom is also not effective for long-distance shooting. Therefore, can we call that this camera is a semipro model of responsibility.
Among a series of feature that superior, maybe which makes P6000 looks interesting is the GPS facility to know the position of an object on this earth. But make no mistake, the GPS feature not here to guide you, such as GPS devices generally, but rather is intended to mark the image so that can know the location where the photo was taken. To facilitate this, Nikon's Picture Bank functions to include a dial button where you can select photos for upload to the portal Picture town (for those who wear
photos from Nikon service via Nikon Transfer software).

The facility is clearly an advantage over other competitors in which rarely have them. However, the function of tagging photos with GPS assistance is more optimal if the shooting was conducted in an open room, not in enclosed spaces (indoor). Keep in mind, use the GPS facility was also able to make the battery more quickly exhausted.
As a semipro camera, Coolpix P6000 is already satisfied thanks to the many kinds of manual settings available and the results are pretty good photos. However, at ISO 400 upwards, some details of the image often looks lost.

In terms of facilities and capabilities, this camera is worth equated with Canon PowerShot G10 or Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 the same class even though battery life is not as strong as they P6000.
Sequence features typical DSLR camera is very good at helping users to explore manually. Adding to feature face detection for automatically focusing a shot toward the object and face facility D-Lighting to enhance photos dark lighting results. Our conclusion, Coolpix P6000 deserved their use was studying photography seriously.

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