Friday, August 13, 2010

Make Money from Blog, Is it Easy?

"Brother, if there are Internet programs that generate the most easy and fast money?" "Among the Google Adsense, Chitika, Amazon, whichever is easier to make money?"
Frankly, I am always Sad to see the mindset that considers misleading make money from blogs is easy. Live to make the blog, the content (either original or copy-paste the results), advertise here and there and finished. Money must be in hand.
But was it so?
We're sorry, unfortunately, make money from blogs is not easy.
True, you can still make money via blog to copy-paste and SEO. True, you can still call yourself "$ 1000 Bloggers" with black hat techniques. But I personally believe, at some point, at some point, you blog readers will be embarrassed to visit your blog again because there is no benefit he can get.
In my opinion, misleading way of thinking which assumes that make money via blogs is easy (because the live patch-ad patch) will never succeed at least two reasons.
First, when we were just stuffing your blog with ads everywhere, we are actually unwittingly destroy the reputation of our own blogs. Our blog readers will know that in the end we really just want to make money quickly through our blog. As a result, our blog readers would immediately feel lazy to visit our blog again.
Second, when we fill the blog with ads everywhere and think that was his way of making money through blogs, soon we will meet with disappointment because we dream of money just does not have on hand. Perhaps at first we were making money. But it will not take long. Because really, not so the correct way to make money through blogs.
However, also make money via blogs does not mean something is not possible. Already ample evidence that bloggers produce extraordinary amounts of money through their blogs. What distinguishes them is the correct mindset about how to make money via blogs.
Then how do I make money via blog properly?
Instead of monetization program was preoccupied with what is most easy and quick to make money, it would be better if you're busy thinking about how you can provide the greatest benefit to the readers of your blog. Make your blog really gave the benefit and required by the readers of your blog. Make your blog into a blog reference. Be the authority bloggers to your chosen niche.
Yes, blogs by niche and that's good content that will ultimately produce the largest cash purse in your pocket. It's not a matter of choice monetization program.
Just a note, even the 10 most popular blogs (by Technorati) with extraordinary revenues are blogs with their own unique niche (and certainly not just a blog copy-paste the ad code).
If there's time, there is no harm in looking and studying the 10 most popular blogs below:
1. Huffington Post (Public and Politics) 2. TechCrunch (Web and News) 3. Gizmodo (Gadgets) 4. Engadget (Gadget) 5. BoingBoing (General and News-Gazette ODD) 6. Lifehacker (Productivity) 7. Ars Technica (Technology News) 8. ICanHasCheezburger (Cute Cats Photographs) 9. ReadWriteWeb (Web News and Trends) 10. Mashable (Social Networking News)
If we look more carefully, they will be clearly seen that almost all the blogs above have unique content and exceptional helpful. "Content is still the king." The ten most popular blogs are producing extraordinary amounts of money because the first gives the greatest benefit to their readers. Not the opposite.
Then hard would it to be the authority blogger?
Yes. Because that's not all bloggers can make money (in the amount outstanding). A Darren Rowse ( owner) must arrange time desperately to manage their blogs during the first few years on the sidelines of the three types of part-time job, then still have lived. A Michael Arrington ( owner) had to stay up until 4 am almost every day just to get exclusive news latest technologies that have not been posted on another blog. A Yaro Starak ( owner) must give up his studies because the more immersed in the activity of blogging and focus on providing the best content for their blog readers.
Make money from blog really is not easy. Weight instead.
But if you already have the right mindset that it takes effort to make money via blogs, tenacious, patient, courageous and persistent to achieve it, make money via blogs is not necessarily completely impossible.
The key: you must give the greatest benefit to your blog reader first, create your blog and become a credible authority in the niche you choose, and only then do whatever monetization as you want.
What do you think?
You may not agree with my opinion you know. It's great if you want to share their opinions with me here. :)

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