Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Figure Out What You Really Want

So many people have no idea what they want or just haven't taken the time to seriously think about it. They aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy.

The first and very important step to achieving all your goals is actually having a clear picture of what they are.

Once you are clear you can start to take action in the direction of your goals and fashion a plan that will get you there.

So let me ask you…

* Are you some­one who just can't decide from the millions of choices available to you?
* Have you sat down to write out your goals but just draw a blank?
* Are you someone who sets and achieves goals in one area of your life but falls short in others?
* Are you someone who has no idea where to start?

Well let me share with you some hints to make this process quick, easy and relatively painless…

1. Divide your goals into 5 common key areas in your life:

* Money and material possessions,
* Relationships and Partners,
* Health and Weight Loss,
* Career and Business
* Personal Development and Spirituality.

2. Draw 3 columns on a sheet of paper and title the columns as…

What I Don't Want, What I Do Want, Why I Want It.

When filling in the "What I Don't Want" col­umn ask your­self "What don't I want based on past experiences?"

Sometimes it is easier to identify the qualities you don't want in a situation because they have been your focus. This is especially true if you have just left a job, business or relationship. Write these things in column 1 then write the opposite, positive statement of this in column 2.

For example:

* I don't want to be broke – I have an abundance of money
* I don't want a job I hate – I love my job
* I don't want to be alone — I am in a loving relationship
* I don't want to be fat — I am trim, taut and terrific

When filling in the "What I Do Want" column ask yourself "If I had $10 million and I knew I couldn't fail, what would I do, be and have?"

This column contains the opposite statements from column 1 and your dreams and desires.

For example:

* I have $1 million in the bank.
* I am the number 1 salesman in my industry.
* I cheerfully exercise every day.
* I have a full­time housekeeper.
* I donate 10% of my income to worthy charities.

When filling in the "Why I Want It" column ask yourself "Once I achieve this goal, who will benefit? How will that make me feel?"

Here is where you focus on your motivation to achieve these things. Focusing on your WHY gives creates a "volcano" of burning, internal motivation especially if your WHY is something outside of yourself, greater than just you alone.

For example:

* My partner falls in love with me all over again.
* I make my parents proud.
* I have the love and respect of my children.
* I attract my perfect partner.
* I have the freedom of choice.

3. Next step is to arrange column 2 and 3 into a list of short, powerful, present tense statements.

When you read and recite this list each day you want to achieve the feeling that these things exist NOW (which they do) and it's just a matter of time before they materialize in your life.

For exam­ple:

* I drive a Mercedes 500SL
* I earn $20,000 per month
* I am generous with family & friends
* I am in a joyous, loving relationship

Congratulations! You now have a clear and concise list of exactly what you want to achieve. This puts you ahead of the majority of the population.

Believe me, this is a very exciting and empowering accomplishment.

Now don't worry, actually you can expect this… you may find yourself wanting to make changes to this list especially once you visualize these things existing now.

Nothing here is set in stone and you will find yourself making frequent changes to this list, especially once you start to tick things off!

Being clear about what you want and committing this list to paper is Step 1 in a 4 Step success process… this is all that stands between you and the control over the happiness and positive outcomes in your life.

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