Monday, March 15, 2010

"sexual character"

I want to discuss how becoming a "sexual character" has to do with the evolution of sex and humanity.

If you've invested in my article, you know that I talk a great deal about being an "attractive character" for women. That women desire a man who is interesting (commonly referred to as "well read"), good natured but secure, independent, emotionally strong, stable, and self-sufficient.

Why? Because that is what a man, biologically, is supposed to be- through thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years of evolution. A man is supposed to be the hunter and provider. Have the strength and ability to fight off intruders and those who do harm and fight in battles, and has the independence and fortitude to build houses, villages, and communities.

When it comes to the bedroom and sex- our makeup isn't much different.

Women desire a man who can provide, who is stable and "manly", who makes her feel secure and protected. A "sexual character" is a man who has the "attractive character" mastered, and has advanced his character to also encompass what is needed to be a long-term provider, father, and protector of offspring.

However, the way a man can go about presenting this to a woman is very different from what most men assume... and most men's assumptions about this leave them lonely, sexless, and confused.

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