Friday, March 19, 2010

Opening to Abundance!

Letting go is important for attracting and allowing abundance into your life!

I recently did a letting go ‘ritual' that involved writing down that which I wanted to let go of and burning the paper (more tips on that further below).

Holding on, be it to negative or positive things, blocks our ability to receive in the present and mars our abundance.

You may be holding on to grievances, hurts, resentments or upsets from your past, or you may be holding on to positive things, such as qualities from past relationships or friendships, which prevent those very qualities showing up in the present.

You may be holding on to negative attitudes, habits, beliefs or thought-feeling patterns.

Perhaps you are holding on to a way life ‘should be’, to expectations, rules or demands towards yourself, others or life, that hinders acceptance and the magic of flow that allows life to change and evolve to a higher level.

The more ‘needy’ you are of something, or of a situation or person to be a certain way, the more you will repel it, for the universe wishes to free you from your dependency and remind you that what you seek does not lie ‘out there’, and that you are the source of your reality. Nothing changes until you do.

Desire, on the other hand, is a healthy generative emotion and is different to need. Your desire calls forth and attracts.

Feel your desires and the qualities you seek (why you want something and the positive emotions and qualities around that, such as the love, success, happiness, freedom, joy, etc.), and then let go of the outcome or the form of that outcome.

If it is a relationship you desire, for example, let go of any specifics about who that person should be, and be open to receiving that which is for your highest good and in alignment with your desires and the qualities you are emanating (which you do in the Manifesting Blueprint Meditation).

Trust the universe will bring you what is most appropriate for you and in alignment with your highest path.

Obviously you also want to have beliefs that support the outcomes you seek, and have positive expectation and imagination towards that realization of your heart’s desires. It is important, however, not to become too fixated or control-oriented about how things should be.

Trust, acceptance and humility are antidotes here.

Sometime the universe has something in mind for us that will serve us greater and more holistically than our limited viewpoint is aware of, something that will assist our healing, growth and soul’s purpose. We may need to let go of our preconceived expectations to allow the unknown and its gifts to land in our reality.

Letting go creates the space for something new and something beyond our imagination and expectation.

See the end of this issue for tips on doing your own letting go ritual!

Desire versus Need
There is a difference between desire, and need or desperation. Need and desperation are synonymous with feelings of lack and the absence of what you want, hence will repel your desired goal and perpetuate your not having it.

Desire, however, fuels your imagination, expectation and all the positive feelings associated with your goal so integral to successfully attracting it. Be passionate about your outcome yet remain light-hearted and unattached to ensure you don’t become needy or dependent on it.

One way to dissipate and release feelings of neediness, urgency or desperation is to trust.

Trust in the positive outcome of your goal. Trust in the love and grace of the universe and the power of your heart and mind. Trust that you are on a co-creative journey, that there is a bigger picture, and that there is love, help and guidance available to you in every moment.

Trust that the universe wants you to have what you desire as much as you do. Trust that you are loved more than you know and that the universe loves you more than you love yourself.

It doesn’t need to be a struggle and you can have what you desire with belief, positive expectation and a willingness to receive.

Trust that if you let go of something, be that a person, thing or outcome, if it is for your best it will come back to you. If you desire it and are in energetic alignment with it and it is for your highest good, you will manifest it.

It is holding on, neediness and attachment that ironically push the very things you want away. You may notice this dynamic in relationships. It’s the same with all things. If you let go of something and it is for your best it will be there.

Relax, trust, loosen your grip, relinquish control and release your dreams and visions into the world.

Believe, open to receive and expect their materialization in your world.

You can use the Manifesting Blueprint Meditation to visualize your goals and program your subconscious mind with optimum dreams for their manifestation in reality.

What’s so powerful about the Manifesting Blueprint Meditation is that it engages the power of emotional resonance where you feel and experience your dreams come true NOW in a very rich and tangible way, that brings them into being at an accelerated pace!

Your emotions are the most potent attractors and communicate directly with your subconscious mind.

They are ‘substance’ that forms reality. High vibration emotions will generate, shift, and transform your world immediately for the better, attracting positive manifestations in accord with your heart.


Letting Go Ritual Tips!

Below are some example categories for letting go that you can use as headings/columns to write down that which you wish to let go of and then burn the paper (in a safe fire-proof container, of course!).

* Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes
* People
* Aspects and qualities of a past relationship (positive and negative)
* Significant events and feelings from the past (positive and negative)
* Grievances/angers/resentments/hurts

In the Manifesting Blueprint Meditation you get to let go on an energetic level, using intention and willingness along with visualization, allowing and the light/energy.


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