Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi Friends,

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship
that sail with no destination "- (Fritzhugh Dodson)

That is the metaphor for people who do not have a purpose in life.

Many people walk on a role, but did not know the direction of his life and purpose of life that who want to go. They are their life is what
then done. If something bad happens, they will argue fate on his side.

Not infrequently a person realize the purpose of his life at old age. It is unfortunate indeed.

Often people do not dare to make changes in his life. He just waited, and waited there is changes ... until finally achieved his life goal!

Actually, no matter if we have to change the purpose of life several times. The most important thing is that every time we have a purpose in life is to be achieved. At least we know where we will go and what strategies should be taken.

Maybe this way can provide a reference for you set your destiny.

5 way that You can Use It For Life Goal Setting:

1. Ask your conscience, what you wants for a few years? Dream your destiny.
There is nothing wrong
you're dreaming. you do not need to be ashamed to admit it,
besides, there is no cost tokh should you spend for just dreaming. ;-)

2. Gather information that can help you to be achieve that goal.
If there are other people who have managed to do what you want,
learn from them. Do what they do!

3. Do not just silent, do something and be kept constant that will take you
to the dream alive.

4. If the way you do prove effective and closer to the goal to be achieved, then how
well if you're trying to improve capability and increased speed
for the purpose of life work you more quickly achieved.

5. If things did you do on a continuous without the tired and bored,
Insya-Allah you will get the desired purpose.

You proverbial is a 'sculptor' of the picture
your own life. And a good sculptor will
always have a 'planning' in advance to
get the best results.

In this case, you can also just as large and happy as the goals you set.
Therefore that, keep yourselves well! :-)

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