Thursday, September 17, 2009


The sense of humor is the ability to capture the existence of something funny from an event. The easier one to catch funny things the higher sense of humor. The process is not simple sense of humor. At first your mind trying to capture the funny side, so you think there is something intriguing in a scene. Then your feelings automatically respond with a sense of delight and your body responds with a laugh. Taken together, the body, feelings and thoughts you respond to the incident funny.

Laughing is just one form of physiological expression of a sense of humor. You can feel the humor without laughter. Could be, you only have a small smile as she felt the humor. Usually the hell people think that the more laughter, the more sense of humor that one has. Is true. You can not laugh if you do not have the humor, not!

People who have a sense of humor must be intelligent. There's no way they were stupid. When faced with an event, they can see it from many different sides. It needs its own intelligence. The more quickly and easily find the funny side of an event, so she got smart. Proverb that says "who laughs last, thinks slowest" or "who the last laugh is the most stupid" is true. It was easy to find someone smart or not. Just Look at everyone who was gathering together to tell jokes. If there are confused scratching your head does not understand the expression pairs, whereas the others were laughing, it was certainly the most lazy brain.

Guess the answer to the following joke question, "Why the earth is always spinning around the sun?"

You know that the questions above are questions to be funny-persiflage. So, you have to give unusual answers and funny as possible. But if you can not think of any other answer except for gravity of the sun, then you certainly less creative people. Come what your answer? Despite funny and very least, if you are creative enough, dozens of answers you can provide, here are a few of them: "Wanting to find discount 'sun' of the greatest" (remember the sun supermarkets), "Because the earth like running," "Because beautiful sun's "(remember the dancer beautiful sun)," Just for fun off course. Instead of silence is not no work "," If it's too fast around the Monument National "," If the surrounding villages, later thought to rival a vegetable seller. "

Humor is one kind of creativity the highest that human own. Well, creativity is the highest intelligence of human beings. That is, a sense of humor is honorable. He really is proof that one has the intelligence. There can not be a stupid comedian. They must be smart. Even lazy comedian who is always acting the fool in a joke on TV, can guarantee an intelligent person

So go to heaven when making people smile.

I Hope he he he...... ^ _ ^

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