Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Story from my friend

Hi Friend ...

Since childhood I always wanted to travel ...
I want to fly, high, free, loose, like a bird ...

Then finally to become a "I dream", I can get what
what I want, go traveling, to many countries.

Well, some time ago I went to Korea, and my trip to Korea
left a lot of memories you want I have told All of you myfriend.

The first day of my time arrive and stand for myfeet
in Seoul, I said .. "Legs, today you became king. I will follow all your desires,
please you walk, to wherever you want ...
I will follow you! ".

That's the words that I often cast every time I go abroad.

Communicating with legs, is ridiculous sounds, but I'm not making this up
that is often the case even that I find incredible!

When I give the foot the freedom to take me anywhere it want to go, and
NO MAPS, it often took me to places I've ever dreamed
always! Weird? But it was real!

This leg seemed to know what will My first time, and he kept
the 'memory foot' until finally he take me there!

Likewise on the trip this time ...
My feet had brought me to the place which I think is incredible!

We 'Flashback' a little bit yah he he he ...! :-)

First story, a small time I love watching kung-fu movies. I
remember to buy shoes, kung-fu by My mom and I always wear every
day without going off! LOL ;-)

At that time I imagine if I is part of an ancient kingdom,
and live where the King!

Every time before going to sleep, I like to talk own 'cang cing cong' I imagine
was chatting with a group of soldiers King and I is the Queen of them or any
a warrior of their empire.
(My dream is Lebay! haa .. ^ _ ^)

Back to the present ...

Well, the first day when I arrived in Seoul Korea, I decided to walk
afternoon. Until I arrived at a crossing the road ....

My eyes glanced to the actual Right, because there seemed no actual
exhibitions and seemed quite busy!

BUT ... This leg took me wants to continue to walk toward the
counterclockwise (to the left)! When I See, on the left was in fact not
Nothing! Empty!

But I think I do not want to betray. This day became king khan feet, so I
Just follow him than desires
lust of the eyes. Hehe ..

After walking a while, suddenly
I heard a voice of Rebana ...
Dung Dung ... ... ... Dung Dung .... and voice
comes exactly from the direction in which the foot I took me to walk!

In My deep heart i ask something... "Want to take where you feet? "

I follow the voice, according to the direction in which feet to walk! The louder the sound
of Rebana ( a music equipment that used to accompany songs of "qosidah",kind of a music i have ever known when i was e little child)) it sounded, the more this leg
asked me to run.

Until the end I was in this place ...

SEOUL ......

I fell silent, shocked, and amazed!
My body suddenly felt shaky and I flying! How can my feet take
me to this place without a plan, and without a map?

Seoul City is very AREA. But how the foot can take me to run * first time *
to place this one ..? Place I never dreamed when I was a child, in
Where I want to stand near a set warrior king!! Dream become reality!

And I was crying ...

I cried ... as a sign of gratitude to the Almighty. He SO loves me.
All the dreams I always He grant.

Yes! My dream slightest, although I must wait for 20 years, but he
grant! Grant it ...!

For most people might see the view is common, but for me it was WONDERFUL! Because this beautiful landscape
I see EXACTLY the same time like the one in my shadow first!

I want to make known to you all ...

As a child I never cut a photos to then I multiply that picture
by the way the photo copies, and I stick the image is the image the cities in the world.
As a child I can not print photos because do not have money, so capable only photo copies!
hehe ..

I told my mama "One time I am going round the world ".

Every person who came into my room when It must have laughed,
because they see the pictures shaped my copy photos stuck

Yes, I attach one photograph on different images of the cities
world that I took from the piece of the calendar.

Every night before going to bed, I always look at the picture one by one. Imagining
"Oh yes .. yes .. I'd been there".

Silly, little time I also often write letter to the Embassy of each country, ask
information about their countries, as if I want to go to their country
months ahead!

"Please sir, please send immediate information about your country, following the maps yes! Because I want to go there "hahaha!

Logically, any time it may thinking "How could someone like me around
world? My mother is only a vendor of fried bananas around, My father used small entrepreneurship who arrange a small store"

But friends do not believe it when I say ALL city / state in which the pictures I have attached
first time I was finally able to visit them all!

And I went instead to the cost of the others (such as the cost of government or company),
but from the sweat & hard work alone. That is the business I run my own business.

If it had only a dream, now I can go whenever and wherever I want!

Each travel, I always stay at the hotel 5 stars, enjoying the incredible scenery,
and much more ...!

Well, oddly enough, not infrequently every time I go to other country, i have feeling
"I think I'd been here deh!"

Maybe because I never dreamed before?
Dunno ... What is clear, I do not
never had the slightest doubt as I

I always let my dream flow it is, there was no rejection in
mind ... until all of it really came and become reality!

Well, what lessons can you take from my experience at the top?

Today I will write it in a sentence ...

The future ......." who belongs believe in the beauty of their dreams ". :-)

Hopefully my experience can be an inspiration for Friends friends as well!

Warmest regards always,
from your friend ...

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