Thursday, September 17, 2009


Once, a grandfather in Jakarta went to various countries to find happiness. In
an oasis, he saw a sparrow is very beautiful. He managed to catch.
This bird was able to talk. "Grandpa, please let me, later grandfather would meet the demand, "said the bird.

Well, if you can answer that question, you're my release, said the grandfather.
"In Where, when, and how to obtain happiness? "
First, the bird replied, "Do not trust anyone except God Almighty.
Second, do not expect something that you will not be able to get it.
Third, do not regret your past. "
Satisfied, the old man let go of the bird. But, once released, the mocking bird
the old man. "You foolish old man," said the animal. Actually, if grandfather did not let me go, I will give the golden egg. The grandfather was very sorry and
chasing the bird. Animals were then settled on pine tree branch. Grandfather
This curious then tried to grab her and ... he fell and fainted.
When grandfather was recovered, the bird approached. "Basic human being, just a few
minutes I gave instructions for happiness, you've forgotten again. Remember Grandpa, what is I said earlier. Grandpa should not trust anyone but God Almighty! I was just a birds, why Grandpa believe me? "
"Secondly, I was saying do not expect in something that you can not reached.
See result grandfather fell and fainted. "
Third, the bird continued, "do not regret the past. Why Grandpa sorry? Is not
what my grandfather did, that is my release, had happened? "
As he flew up into the bird was claimed angelic messenger of God Almighty to
give lessons to mankind. Hopefully, we are not stupid grandfather
We regret the past.

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