Friday, September 11, 2009

Where is Your Happiness?

Written by: My Friend

"The place to be happy is here. Time for
happy now. The way to be happy is to
make other people happy "- Robert G. Ingersoll

Hi Friends, if this happy moment?

Where is your happiness real? Whether the plump body?
... How beautiful your face? ... Pile of treasure?

.... or maybe a luxury car & high office?

If that's all you got, if you can
make sure that you * will * be happy?

Today I will take you to see, if
abundance of wealth does not always lead to happiness

And this true story ...

There were eight people who have the fate of billionaire less
fun at the end of his life. Year 1923, the billionaire
gathered at the Hotel Edge Water Beach in Chicago, United States
States. At that time, they are a collection of people who
very successful in his day.

However, look at their tragic fate 25 years later!
I'll call it one by one:

=> Charles Schwab, CEO of Bethlehem Steel, steel company
steel famous at that time. He went bankrupt the total,
to be in debt to finance the 5 years of his life
before he died.

=> Richard Whitney, president of the New York Stock Exchange.
This man hrs to spend the rest of his life in prison Sing Sing.

=> Jesse Livermore (king of shares "The Great Bear" in the Wall
Street), Ivar Krueger (copyright CEO), Leon
Fraser (Chairman of the Bank of International Settlements),
three have died of suicide.

=> Hupson Howard, CEO of the largest gas company in the United
North. Hupson mentally ill and died in a psychiatric hospital.

=> Cutton Arthur, owner of the largest flour mill in the world,
died in the land of others.

=> Albert Fall, a member of the U.S. president's cabinet,
died at his home when he had just come out of prison.

The story above is a proof, that the abundant wealth
not guarantee the end of a happy life!

Happiness is a factor so desirable
for all people. Almost all the goals in the estuary have
happiness. Most people just can feel * alive *
if you've found happiness.

Question ... where we can find happiness?
Was at the mall? An expensive beauty salon?
Fancy restaurant? In Hawaii? in Paris? or where?

In fact, happiness is ill need to look anywhere ...
because he was in the heart of every human being.

Find the joy in your heart!
Browse 'feel' it in kalbumu!
Believe me, he would not run anywhere ...

Today I will share tips on how we actually
can find happiness * every day *. Here are
tips you can do:

1. Start Sharing!

Make it happy by sharing with people
other. By way of sharing will make our lives feel
more meaningful.

2. Waive the heart of hatred, free your mind from
any concerns.

Saving hatred, anger or jealousy will only
makes the heart feel uncomfortable and tortured.

3. Give more in forgiveness!

If anyone is hurt, do not curse back.
Better shout "Hey! You have my pardon!!".

By having this attitude, our hearts will be
more calm, and our anger may be lost. Not believe?
Try it! I often do. :-)

4. Do something meaningful.

Life in this world is only temporary. Better to use
all the time and opportunity to do
things that are meaningful, for themselves, their families, and
others. In this way then your happiness
will grow and continue to grow.

5. And last, you should not expect too much
in others, you'll be disappointed!

Remember, happiness is the responsibility of each,
not the responsibility of friends, family, lovers, or anyone else.

Better hope we multiply only to the Most
Love and Rich. Because he was the one who created us, and
It is He who created all 'feel', including the feeling of happiness
you always wanted. ^ _ ^

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