Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Friends,

Many people can 'say', but a few who would
'hear'. And if we want to go back to natural law,
should we have to listen more than
talk. Is not God gave us two ears and only
one mouth? :-)

Likewise if we see the newborn.
First auditory function than the
another. So, why listen more difficult than

Although invisible to hear is easy,
but in fact many people prefer to listen
than listening.

Listening is an essential part of determining
effective communication. Without the ability to hear the good,
usually appear many problems. What often happens,
we feel that we are most true. We do not
interested to hear different opinions and only
depends on our way.

Always felt right, most competent, and never
make mistakes. Duh ... angel time! :-)

If we always feel that we are right, and how
it is our best, that means we never
listen. Ideas and opinions are very difficult to change
if the facts do not support our beliefs. Even if there
even the fact we may only just be mere glance.

Maybe this time we are comfortable with the way we are, but for
long period of time, people will reject and
hate us. If we want to start listening to other people,
then one day we will realize our mistake.

The answer to overcoming this nature is to hone skills
active listening. Hearing is not always the quiet,
but it also involves our active participation. Hearing the
better not expect the coming turn to speak.

Hearing is committed to understanding speech and
feelings of our speaker. This is also a form of
appreciation that what other people are talking about
useful for us. At the same time we also can
the maximum benefit from the talks.

Art of listening can build a relationship. If
we do well, people will be interested
with us and our interactions will be more harmonious.

The following simple techniques that can be practiced by you
very natural to be a listener who

1. Maintain good eye contact. This indicates
to the other person about the openness and sincerity

2. Forwards. This shows the interest
we are on the subject. It also will
reminds us to have another point of view,
ie not just focus on ourselves.

3. Create a question when there are things that need clarification
or there is new information that we need to find out from the opposite
talk to us.

4. Create an interesting conversation interlude. This can
make conversations more lively and not monotonous.

5. Take or repeated a few words spoken by
our speaker. This shows that we are
listen well to the memorized a few snippets

6. Make a commitment to understand what he was saying,
although we do not like or angry. From here we will
Knowing the values applied our speaker,
which may vary with the value that we apply.

By trying to understand, perhaps we will
find the point of view, insight, perception or awareness
new, that does not occur to us earlier.

A good listener is almost the same
pulled with a good speaker. If we always
on the right pattern for a certain period, then
one day we will feel the benefits.

The process may be felt long and tedious, but
will eventually feel the value of our efforts have
do. We'll feel better for ourselves,
our relationships, our friends, our children, and

Conclusion: Be a good listener, because the nature of this
could be key to developing the mind
positive, and is one of your ladder to

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